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Monday, December 02, 2013

Atlantic Hurricane Season 2013 Game Over

File:2013 Atlantic hurricane season summary map.png

Let's put it this way... you could have a better chance of feeling Hurricane Force Winds crouching down under the hand dryer in any Hurricane Bar and Grill than you could on a beach anywhere in the USA this year...

We stopped there last night on the way home from a Chanukah program in Cary. Got a drink, watched some football and pondered the state of the tropics this hurricane season past.  

Now if you lived in Mexico...South of the Border you were hit over and over by one storm after another.

Hurricane Ingrid:



Well you get the idea and I left out the Tropical Depressions... for that region south of the border the hurricane season this year was tropically depressing. When you get hit over and over in the news by storms the perception is usually worse than it really was as far as damage and tourists tend to go elsewhere...

Perhaps we had some sort of force field up this year.. storms seemed to continually fall apart just prior to making landfall..

Dorian bounced away... 

So did Karen die out just before making landfall..

Then there were the storms that fell apart, reformed and fell apart again. 

Look back at Chantal that was originally forecast to threaten Florida.

Then it didn't.

[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

Luck was obviously on our side this past year, but luck is a fickle lover and she comes and goes as the folks in the Pacific this tragically busy year for them.

Some people say the NHC hired a Weather Shaman.. 

Some people say there was a good bit of Weather Modification going on this year...

Some people say it was all about Global Warming...

Some people fell asleep back in early September and never looked back.

Some people went to the Philippines and chased storms there and many, many people died in storms in that part of the world.

You win some, you lose a lot. You take em as them come or as they don't come... 

And, next year it begins anew. Just because this year was quiet does not mean next year will be quiet.

If Hurricanes were predictable and we knew what to expect we would not watch them so carefully.

We are here watching, studying and discussing them because they are unpredictable, dangerous and yet a thing of beauty from high in the sky in the lens of a satellite snapping pictures back to us from the heavens.

This year's season is over... although some years do have "out of season" storms... so you just never really know what will be ... but... for now we are watch snow storms and blizzards (I don't think they are the same thing...are they???) and wonder on life and the meaning of life and we spend a lot of time watching earthquakes and comets and falling stars.

Stay tuned...always something happening to talk about and you know me.. I'll be here talking..

Besos Bobbi

Ps...They will be discussing for years why the season that everyone thought was going to be beyon busy turned out to be one of the quietest on record. 

Take a look back at the experts and what they said regarding the season that wasn't.



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