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Friday, November 01, 2013

November 1st in the Tropics...No Perfect Storm or Hurricane Sandy

Posting this picture because it seems this is the picture the NHC prefers this morning to start off their November Tropics No Show post on Facebook.

I quote:

"On this first day of November, the final month of the official hurricane season, there are no weather disturbances across the Atlantic basin that have any potential for tropical cyclone development during the next five days."

1991 had the Perfect Storm... Hurricane Grace, etc..

And, last year's Hurricane Sandy brought Hurricane Misery to the NE..

A year ago today.... the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy...

Be happy there are no storms like that today.

Personally, I like the colorful image above because it looks like the tropics were dressed up for Halloween on South Beach or Las Olas.

See... that's the Clevelander on Halloween on South Beach on Ocean Drive...on Lord only knows how many drinks. No.. I was not there, my kids were or some of them... I was there on Thursday interviewing the bar tender for an article on the most popular drinks on South Beach.

Note the same use of color...

This by the way is the drink for tourists to order...

Seems they order it... take a picture, sip it... pay for it and then move on...  5 types of liquor and 2 beers and something floated on top.

 Trust me there was action in the tropics yesterday... but it wasn't of a meteorological kind...

Just plain ole Halloween fun in South Florida...

Keep watching the Caribbean and dangling cold fronts that bomb out in still warm waters... the water is HOT still in the tropics...

Besos Bobbi


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