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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tropics Quiet... Anyone Interested in an El Nino Margarita En Miami??

current goes west and east northern hemisphere composite water vapor image

The song "It's a beautiful world" comes to mind when looking at this image.

Not a very tropical looking world... but a beautiful one.

I'm not going to sing the praises of the two tropical waves moving west way too low towards the Caribbean or rain that is falling as if it's still the hurricane season... oh it is......

Is it or isn't it?

It's the end of October and everyone is talking on their personal memories of Wilma and Sandy. Note...both busy seasons when we got the the S and the W names..

Here in Miami it's beautiful...

About as beautiful as it gets...  I was over there behind the boats up on the balcony sipping a margarita with my son watching the boats bob about in the bay. What a day.

Yup... there's always a Hurricane in Miami .. a Category 5 one at Fat Tuesdays at Bayside ;)

And, any number of tropical drinks to get while listening to some band play Santana by the water..

That bird there is the luckiest bird in the whole USA :)

The beauty of Miami is that there you are in the middle of the day and you can play tourist on vacation anytime...   Take a break from MDC (Miami Dade College...) or an office job on your lunch break and run over to Bayside and rest and relax. Everyone does... really... it's a local thing more than a tourist thing and that's saying a lot seeing as there are a whole lot of tourists there also.

And, these days the real flavor of Miami is Patron... in any form.

Pink Patron with all sorts of stuff in it ..not to mention blackberries...

Miami is Pink...and Turquoise and the feel of the breeze in the afternoon 

Christo knew what he was doing when he made those islands pink in the bay... it.

Busy and noisy and colorful and wonderful. And, always some intrigue going on somewhere..

Miami's a funny place. Someone posted a YouTube of the International Space Station passing overhead...'s the sound of the police car or sirens in the background playing that makes me smile. Funny.

And, if you really are in a weather can get an El Nino Margarita ;)

Seriously?? tropical weather in the Caribbean.. but lots of tropical drinks and pleasure in Miami..

Besos Bobbi


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