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Friday, January 25, 2013

Raleigh Durham...Winter Storm ... FREEZING DRIZZLE!! Shabbos Shira

Yes, I am waiting for the "freezing drizzle" which I have Googled and learned that it is less likely to create power outages than "freezing rain" but not always. Laugh all you want if you live in Minnesota or if you are reading this from I know there are people out there in China reading this..

I'm from Miami.. we don't get "freezing" anything much... let alone "freezing drizzle" !! !!    

I'm showing the image of because that is the image that it seems everyone in Raleigh is supposed to look at... when there is a threat of a storm.

I spoke to teachers last night who were told to check with WRAL's site constantly even though they would be sent an email or text later in the day.

So...there it is!

    1. freezing drizzle  

      Web definitions
      Freezing drizzle is drizzle that freezes on contact with the ground or an object at or near the surface. Its METAR code is FZDZ. When...
  1. Freezing rain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    When the freezing rain or drizzle is light and not prolonged, the ice formed is thin. It usually ... Cyclones and Fronts: the definition of freezing rain. Retrieved on ...

It's quiet outside. Very quiet. Grey, quiet and ominously still.

It's out there on the radar... visible to the West.

Knoxville to Asheville to Raleigh-Durham.. shutting down a lot of airports along the way. I heard there were massive delays for today in Charlotte, Chicago (finally got snow) and possibly Atlanta. If you have any flight plans today that connect or even are non-stop... check carefully before you go anywhere.

As for me... right going to Whole Foods.

I have priorities...  going to find a "new fruit" for Tub Shevat and some grains from the Holy Land.

It's also what we call Shabbos Shira, which is the portion of the week Torah reading.. and I had a daughter on Shabbos Shira in 1992 so it's a good day for me and it entails making something with Kasha.

I suppose one can cover all their bets by buying something from Kashi brands :) but that would feel like cheating ;)

Banana Muffins with Carob Chips... that's my dessert for Shabbos!

Tu-BShevat is the "new year" for trees.. based on the Holy Land of Israel...

Figs, pomegranates and dates...

"We mark the day of Tu B’Shevat by eating fruit, particularly from the kinds that are singled out by the Torah in its praise of the bounty of the Holy Land: grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates. On this day we remember that “man is a tree of the field” (Deuteronomy 20:19), and reflect on the lessons we can derive from our botanical analogue."

Funny that in North Carolina we are worrying on the trees freezing... and dying and not giving fruit next year. Okay, so maybe we can have the fences freeze and cover over with ice and leave the trees alone?

Cute link to Kasha recipes:


Blessings on Fruit

The proper blessing before eating any fruit is:
“Baruch Atah Adod-nai Elohai-nu Melech HaOlam boray pri ha-aitz.”
“Blessed are you God, King of the Universe, Who creates the fruit of the tree.”
[A few fruits, such as pineapple, have a different blessing – the last word is changed to “ha-adama.”]
On Tu B’Shvat, it is also customary to eat a "new fruit" – a seasonal fruit that you have not yet tasted this season, and say the following blessing:
She'hechiyanu Blessing

As for me... I'm going to Whole Foods :
Get some really good coffee, see how the milk and bread aisle are doing and looking for some new fruit to eat on Shabbos while watching whatever freezes melt... 
Keep watching the skies for freezing drizzle :)
I"ll be back... Besos Bobbi


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