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Friday, January 18, 2013

Carolina Snow... Here today...Gone tomorrow

That's what my friend says... and after this type of snow fall...and she's right...

The above picture was taken just as the sun was rising this morning...

And, the picture below was taken at 3 PM this afternoon.... note the roof of the house faces South.

Yesterday it rained a lot..and then in the evening it began to snow...and then it was a wintry mix and then it snowed....then it rained again... then it snowed... somewhere during the early hours of the morning a thin layer of ice formed on the snow that managed to accumulate on the really warm ground and in the morning it was a crystal like paradise. It was a crystal like paradise for a few hours in the morning ....before it began to melt and it melted fast depending on the angle of the sun on your property.

But, oh when the snow was on the ground and the bright sunshine and sky was Carolina Blue...oh it was so beautiful!

And, last night was beautiful...watching the snow fall silently down from the sky... the street light illuminating the flakes as they fell and swirled and fluttered to the ground. 

It's beautiful.

It's not a Category 3 hurricane with palm trees bending wildly, but it is weather at it's most beautiful changing the world suddenly from one state to another state... everything changes in minutes, in hours and it's a perfect memory that I'll remember a long time.

To the south in the Sandhills they had severe weather, but no real snow. A line came in with winds gusting so strong the NWS was checking to see if it was possible there was a tornado or if the damage was from straight line winds.  So far.. it seems to be from straight line winds and micro bursts.

Power was out in Lenoir and many other places across the state.. mostly from the extreme winds that blew through just before the snow began to fall..

Note RDU airport had a gust approaching 40 mph last night, the wind was howling here :) almost like a hurricane.. 

And, over towards Asheville there have been additional problems with mudslides.

And, that was the snow storm that was on January 17th, 2013.

Will it snow again in the Carolinas? we are moving into a colder period as Canadian air will be filtering down and IF it was to snow again the grounds temperatures would be much colder than they have been this past week when it was in the 70s on last Sunday.

Until then... down here in the South we are savoring our memories of this brief but beautiful flirtation with winter. 

Enjoy the pictures... got some turkey pieces to make for Shabbos and some green beans and collards and couscous and all to put up for dinner. Fresh teas to drinks and some cakes to bake.


snowy icy mix... 

up close and personal with a beautiful purple pansy 

Sometimes the things we want are beyond our grasp and not things we personally can control. 

Sometimes life is made up of perfect moments pieced together into an eternal love story that is one part a mystery, one part a comedy and Mother Nature is the screenwriter....and the seasons are her muse. 

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Thank you for being a part of this memory.......


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