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Saturday, December 01, 2012

One Last Chance For Valerie -- Orange Circle in the Atlantic in December...

Yes... sir the NHC has put up an orange circle in the Atlantic for a system and crowned it with a Special Tropical Statement Weather Release and a 50% chance of developing into the next named system which would make her Valerie.

I mean she is definitely visible, yet her demise is just as visible so not sure why they would name her at this point in the Post Season.

The Navy site is following her with an Invest which is rather interesting and shows the interest the NHC has in her.

Models show it staying far out in the ocean..being picked up by an approaching cold front.
Not sure if there is enough of a window for this system to get a name..
but it did get a mention so you never know....

And, as mentioned earlier this would possibly have an impact in the Azores ... 
so it does get make it a higher priority than if the models had it dying out at sea

So... that is what is happening in the tropics in December in Post Season..
something the Miami Dolphins may not see for a long time.... 

It is also worth noting that practically no one is talking about this late season wannabe..

and while we are enjoying warmer than normal temps in the US

it's also worth  noting people in Europe are freezing about 10 days our flirtation with warm weather will fizzle in cold drizzle and possibly snow.

How you may ask is this storm managing to stay alive out there in the cold Atlantic?

It's got a warm, long feed of tropical air to the south...

You can see how she is tapping into tropical moisture that is feeding her this late in the season.

Something worth mentioning is that I have noticed how the ITCZ has been very active this late in the season... or post season or to be honest I thought that a few days ago when it was still November.

Also, interesting to  note that that orange moisture feed is alive in the Caribbean ..tho I don't expect anything...but thought I'd mention it.

Little swirl south of Panama ... 

Not that I am watching Panama........

So..... let's keep watching and remember something...

there is a river of air that circles the planet like a big merry go round.. 
when it goes up we get warm weather in Oklahoma, Iowa and Carolina..
when it dips down................the cold weather zooms down 

Moscow is having the heaviest snow it's seen in over 50 years.... very very cold in Europe.

And, tornadoes... 

sort of like lions and tigers and bears oh my over there....

Good video in the below link...

Around the Twittersphere as some people call it... they are talking winter not Valerie.. 

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Besos Bobbi


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