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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Status Quo at 2... No Yellow Circle for the Carib Wave

To misquote Sally Fields, they "really, really, really don't like it" or rather the  models will not support possible development.

Of course... models change as conditions change.

At the moment a good part of it is moving towards the north towards the ULL. The high behind it is pushing it wast, but it's not following the plan today.  Cuba was projected to have record rainfall, beginning to think a good part of it is gonna end up in the Bahamas.

For now.... they are "busy" with Daniel and they really, really, really do NOT like this wave.

It's possible the northern part blows off and leaves behind the lower energy moving west.

Keep watching...we all are with or without a Yellow Circle ;) is my go to site on this wave... as usual

Besos Bobbi... or until there is a yellow circle :)

Ps..not much of a "roll" here ... more a heavy tropical surge


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