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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some Convection in the Gulf of Mexico..still no model support

Things are a little wetter today in the tropics. Yesterday was "bone dry" however today has been a bit "wetter" with some lingering moisture around Southwest Florida and in the Northern Gulf. Just where they don't need it...right? The same area that was drenched tropically a few weeks back is getting more rain. Nothing terrible, but anything sets back clean up work and repairs.

There is an Upper Level Low in the Gulf of Mexico just north of Key West...Western Florida is on the "dirty side" meaning they get weather.

Pressures are high and no models have shown any support for development, still we watch.

Not much else to watch...

A wave in the Atlantic is moving towards a date with the coast of South America.. 

An Upper Level Wave is in the Atlantic to the East of the Bahamas.

A WILD line of storms rolled through Raleigh today, I do mean WILD.. sky looked dark around Noon.

Personally, had a great work out at ballet class. Honest. Earlier in the day they were working on the electric so my guy and I want out for coffee and dallied more than we would normally do at that hour. Just got a lot done. Didn't OCD on the lack of anything tropical out there and enjoyed a nice few moments of what looked like the end of the world...before the clouds sped off dumping rain somewhere else. Not easy to get a good view of the sky up here, it was dark like sunset at 1pm.  The line was so low I could barely get a picture of it...  I know loses something in the translation without palm trees. 

Imagine something will develop the day I travel to New York and am out of touch and not able to give it my full attention.

Supposedly...........models do not show anything forming... but you never know, Tropical Storms like pop up showers are want to pop out with or without model support.

Sweet Tropical Dreams.


Ps... I was published in the paper up here today...that is sort of cool. And, I learned when life gives you lemons.... go out for coffee ;)


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