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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

RAINY DAYS & WEDNESDAYS... Hurricanes & Football, The U and Miami...Musing memories

What you say? That's not the song? Oh, but you're wrong... it's the song I'm singing today. Except I'm not down.

Woke up this morning to the sound of heavy rain and the inability to get back to sleep. Decided since there are no storms on the horizon I am cutting into my Hurricane Supplies. I was a girl scout once, for a short while.. before my mother decided she didn't like "those women anymore" (meaning the troop leaders...) but before I  moved on to the next class and learned how to twirl a mean baton... I learned the motto of "always be prepared" and being OCD I am usually over prepared. So, just in case we lose power and my Nespresso machine does not brew me up some perfect espresso... I keep a few of these cans around. Not bad, not great... got the right taste though more "espresso" and not Cuban Coffee.

But, hey mentioning it here now because now is when you could be building up your Hurricane Supplies and it's often the little things like a 24 pack of Coca Cola (screw the water, really only so much water you can drink without power...) and instant espresso, fast, quick, strong out of a can. Don't forget crayons for the kids and PAPER not let them try to color ON the iPad, not a good idea.....

So.... there is rain in Raleigh.... a lot. My deck is covered with leaves that show there was a lot more rain last night than I though there would be. Rain in South Florida and the Keys... as my friend's friends are "up to their ass in rain" or some folksy comment like that. Key West is not used to having more than a passing shower and it's a damp, wet day in Key West when the sun does not come out. Been there, personally I love it ...but I am a little weather weird.

Loop the loop above and you will see that area of rain over South Florida is not going anywhere soon. Upper Level Low in the Gulf, Upper Level Low in the Atlantic. More waves rolling off of Africa. Keep watching the rain moving down into the Gulf and off the Carolinas as sometimes home brew is easier to make than the real thing. And, one thing I learned this year is in order to make a good jam without a lot of sugar you need to let it cook a really long time over low heat (I learned this on the back of a Sarabeth's Jar of Jam from Key West, btw...) while making strawberry preserves with the four baskets my kid's left me after going to pick strawberries for a photo op it seems as they barely touched the strawberries. Wow, I may have had too much Nespresso this morning, rambling here... but hey there isn't much tropical weather to talk about. 

Jim Williams is doing a great job at of talking about the tropics and I'd rather listen to him talk than almost anyone I know so... I highly recommend his Tropical Update. Trust me, it's more fun and more informative than watching TWC.

Also cute ad that caught my eye. Anything with the words STORM and RAM catches my eye! Got that there Ram symbol on my class ring from Miami Coral Park Sr.High... and we did so love our storms... hurricanes and watching football at the Orange Bowl. Whether we were watching the Fins or the Canes, it didn't matter. Some of my best memories were at the Orange Bowl, whether with my uncle as a kid, watching a rodeo (really) or standing out on the field when we'd play Miami High holding a banner for the football team to come running out through and break... the feel of the Astroturf under my feet... wow does that date me... Miami... Football... Hurricanes. That defines me :)


So, as I pack up to go to the gym for my ballet/stretch class of the day... and I lay there on the floor during the mat part dreaming of hurricanes and the beginning of football season just outside my reach... and dreaming of my favorite beach ... I'll be hearing this song in my mind... and probably somewhere the Miami Coral Park fight song... Rams R Dynamite..... lol sort of like Canes R Dynamite ;)

Sweet Tropical Dreams

Bobbi  (Jimmy, Fins ala Miami Dolphins)

It may be "ALL ABOUT THE U" but in my Daddy's day they would sing "Cane's are Dynamite, Cane's are dynamite" now why we sang that I don't know... but we did and the Orange Bowl Rocked like you cannot imagine... like there was a fricking Cat 5 Hurricane at the Orange Bowl... then again my son loves to go to the new Miami Marlins stadium and catch the beautiful view of the Bay and the City we all love and the Marlins ... new memories in the city we all love..

Old School:

New School:
He posted this pic from before a game on his Facebook with the simple title:
Miami :)

Either way... it's all about the U... it's all about football and hurricanes and watching the rain on a Wednesday Morning and counting down the hours before there is something to track and the Miami Hurricanes hit the field not just the maps and the Miami Dolphins are #1 again.. like The Heat ;) <-- ALL ABOUT THE U

Reminder to check this link out after I get back from the gym..


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