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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Not much going on...unless you got a party to go to today...

Then you can drink Hurricanes and sip Mojitos and maybe have some ice cold beer... and after a while, you can imagine little cyclonic storms traipsing through the tropics... looking for some sexy guy named Kelvin to make those storms come alive.

Kelvin or as his full name goes is Kelvin Wave. Where Kelvin Waves tropical storms follow. A lot like the whole MJO thing which some meteorologists believe and others think is a government conspiracy.

More reading.... you got nothing else to do today unless you are going to a party.

I'm not... am in Raleigh, not Miami or I'd be at a party drinking Rum and Coca Cola and talking to tropical weather friends. I'm doing Zumba, watching some loops, gonna watch the sun go down by the Lake on this Summer Heat Wave. Figuring by the time my youngest son gets to town he'll tell me "this isn't a Heat Wave Mommy" and it will be 69 degrees at night and it will be 79 in the shade and I'll go "yeah, right"  always happens that way. Like some funny weather plot.

There is a wave out by Africa, but I am not going to pay it any attention until it gets past  55W and an area of convection down by the Yucatan that one model flirts with wanting to develop but doesn't. Also, some moisture moving towards South Florida and the Keys but...nothing developed to write home about. The tropics are shut down for a while it seems.

Go out and have fun today, go party with friends at a nice pool party or go to the ocean... or the Lake or sit in bed listening to Country Music reading the Sunday paper and pretend you are on vacation.

Kelvin is on vacation in the Pacific... 

Besos Bobbi ;)

This is as close as I am getting today....


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