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Friday, July 06, 2012

It's Complicated

There is a wave in the Caribbean and partly in the Atlantic. It's a big wave. It has no real center.

The part of it that seemed to be the center took off for the north ....the lower energy is moving west and will increase the chances of rain for Miami and the Keys. In the summer it rains a lot, will it even be noticeable?

An area in the deep SW Caribbean Sea was supposed to cross over towards the Pacific... however... it doesn't seem to be rushing west any time soon. In fact, almost looks like it's creating it's own outflow boundary that is moving into the heart of the wave that was over PR and creating more trouble for the already troubled wave.

Go figure the SW Carib wave has higher chances of development than "The Wave"

It's complicated. Yes, we have a slowly developing El Nino ...but you can't blame everything on that.

Yes, we have African Dust in the Atlantic... but you can't blame everything on that.

Tropical Weather is not that simple... it has to do with rivers of wind high up in the atmosphere, it has to do with water temps and African Dust, saline and MJO and Kelvin Waves and it's a complicated mess of mathematical equations.... takes a lot to make a wave become a tropical next time you see something spinning with a real CDO and a developing eye popping out pay it the respect it deserves because it's easier to bake a good chocolate cake than it is to get a tropical cyclone spinning.

Besos Bobbi

Beginning to feel that this wave is a wave I used to love...


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