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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Does Debby Reform? Atlantic Wave? HEAT WAVE

The tropics today first:

My wave ... okay that's how I refer to it as I have been watching it since it rolled off of Africa while others were watching Debby obsessively. It's out there in the middle of the Atlantic moving west slowly dealing with dry air, SAL, negative conditions and climo and yet she is still there...

Second... Debby looking good.... more tropical up near the Carolinas than she did down in the Gulf, go figure.... models did predict she might reintensify. Vacation might be over for forecasters who may have to start issuing advisories again................

Three... Look at that front draped down into the Florida Straits and draped across Cuba. Did that GFS call that one or what?

What will happen down the road? Front dies out.. breaks up, parts of it linger. The wave moves WNW towards that area left over from the frontal boundary. How long will the hot, dry air remain over the South and will the wave affect Florida down the road? Hmnnn

Keep watching.

The Juice Loop shows Debby as being "iffy" as always and the wave working it's way, stair stepping to where it needs to be to have "close in" development' down the road. Note... staying weak gets it further west and gives it more of a chance to develop down the road. Florida, Carolina, Savannah, Cuba pay attention... and the Islands first of course...

Otherwise... this blog goes LONG with musings on the upcoming HEAT WAVE about to move into the SE with ALL TIME RECORD TEMPS and less publicity than a Category 1 hurricane would receive. In reality this is a BIGGER NEWS STORY as it relates directly towards tremendous economic losses, death toll of people affected by asthma, illnesses and old age diseases that occur with every bad heat wave and cause possible blackouts and massively high electric bills next month as people will have to run their fans and air conditions on over time and there is no relief, not even at the beach.

Weather for Raleigh, NC

76°F | °CThuFriSatSun
ClearClearClearMostly Sunny
Partly Cloudy
Wind: W at 5 mph
Humidity: 52%99°75°104°77°108°81°104°77°

I woke up this morning and Google Weather upped the temps.

 I find that not surprising as Greg Fishel thought the high temperatures earlier predicted might be a bit low and well 108 degrees. Last time I felt 108 degrees was driving through Phoenix pregnant with Mendy and it was 107 degrees at the corner of Sunset and Vine the day before Shuky was born in Hollywood, California. And, that was hot... nuts hot. Crazy hot.

Miami has HEAT, it does not have HOT as when the temperature flirts with 90 it pours beautiful tropical downpours and then it cools off. Gets a bit steamy yes, but it cools off... we are blessed with strong, ever constant breezes coming in from Biscayne Bay.

Up north, in places that are really "Down South" but which my Grandma Mary referred to as "up north" the air just hangs on a hot day. No breeze, no air movement... just hot. You can smell the red clay baking beneath your feet. To be honest, Grandma Mary called West Palm Beach "up the road" and anything north of Cape Canaveral was "Up North" ... there was something about Grandma Mary... something wonderful and that Florida gal... loved to talk about weather. A lot like me. I guess I got the weather gene in the family :)

Note nationwide, it has also been hot. In the past week, across the United States,1,011 records have been broken,including 251 new daily high temperature records on Tuesday."

Years back when I was first online hanging out on AOL in the old "Weather Chat" I met a lot of strange people who were ahead of their times, prodigies of sorts who knew how to surf the web when others didn't even know that the Surf was up on the web or how to connect with other crazy people who had a predisposition to reading around natural disasters of all kind. Everyone finds their way into the weather section... if there is one common backdoor it's weather. Everyone talks about it, especially those who are hypochondriacs (sorry, I call em as I see em) or doomsayers who worry on the end of the world before it became fashionable in 2012, out of work writers, programmers and screenwriters stuck looking for good material to fill a script. Geologists with no earthquakes or volcanoes to watch will .... if bored to death the tropics.

We are all "map crazy" if you ask me.

Show me a map of earthquake fault lines or historic hurricane tracks and I act like a fifteen year old girl in love for the first time. I love maps. All maps. Maps of any kind. Once, during an extremely slow period in 1997 I actually did someone's astrological chart on a hurricane map for fun... I told them that their Venus was in Charleston but their Mars was in New York creating a problem in their energy flow. Hey, I was bored, being silly with an equally funny person and I obviously was not using the Hurricane Tracking maps for what turned out to be ....despite all predictions extremely SLOW hurricane season.

This hurricane season was predicated to be slow to average based on El Nino, and as El Nino seems a bit shy and a hermit it is going to be a stronger than expected hurricane season. Oddly, back in 1997 no one saw El Nino coming before it became the Mother of All El Ninos according to Time Magazine. 

Weather is not easily predictable. That is why strange people who are restless and love excitement and figuring out mysteries love weather...and geology... 

Geology and Meteorology go together like peanut butter and jelly. Every card carrying geologist has a secret passion for weather and every card carrying meteorologist sneaks away often to check out Drudge's Earthquake Chart. Matt of course is a closet meteorologist, earthquake freak who would probably ignore reading info on any starlet who has suddenly run off with some low level politician if a strong earthquake was happening somewhere... 

It's a passion... a fetish of sorts. 

Whatever is going on in someone's life ... if they are the map crazy types they will stop whatever they are doing (sex included) to stare a glance at a breaking earth weather story. Trust me on this. I know. 

Lex Luthor had one obsession in the world, other than getting Superman and that was WEATHER. He'd have thrown Lois and any woman he loved to the wolves if he had a chance to control weather. And, yeah Lex always had a thing for Lois but I am digressing here............

There was a "room" on AOL for Hurricanes and people who liked to talk about them. There was also a room for Geologists called "Earthquake Weather" and they would constantly debate whether there was such a thing as Earthquake Weather. When bored, which was often............they would come over to the Hurricane boards and get thrown off the hurricane boards for going off topic... 

Is there a link? 

I don't know... no one does for sure but everyone discusses it quietly.

No earthquake in America history lends itself to more chatter on links to UFOs (not discussed here, google it yourself, Indian curses which led to the Mississippi River running backwards and Presidents dying every 20 years until Reagan to wicked winters and hot summers before the first of 3 massive quakes. It's always been an Enigma as it is generally a quiet area unlike California which is an anchor in the Ring of Fire.

Was it an Indian Chief who wanted revenge..and took it via Earth Weather like some Lex Luthor character who knew the way to misery is to play with the weather or make an earthquake? Hey, it was before we created nuclear energy........

A map... my heart goes pitter patter:
new-madrid-earthquake-sequence-can-it-happen-again/2012/02/07/gIQAbF0WwQ_blog.html (note link to Charleston, SC)

A chilling, detailed report by an eye witness, survivor of the Great 1906 Earthquake.

An article about the Japanese Earthquake and hot weather preceding the quake:

Lex Luthor's secret obsession:

Charleston, SC ...was there a link to the Hurricane or was it just bad karma or a Saturn aspect astrologically lol??

Storms and Earthquakes have happened before, upping the ante on weather and earthquakes going hand in hand in some way we have yet to figure the cure for the common cold.

Jamaica: You can believe it was a punishment from God (sick) for the wicked ways of the people in Port Royal Jamaica or you could believe there was some connection:

Can flooding or extreme heat affect the earth and tip the balance that creates a quake?

Well..............they are having problems with sinkholes in North Florida..not the same but an after effect directly related to Debby tho in North Florida it doesn't take a lot for a sink hole to open up.  ??? ;)

Debby vs Florida:

So, why am I waxing poetic about earthquakes?

Because..............when there is extreme heat forecasted for parts of Hurricane Country, after moving east from places near the New Madrid Fault Zone.... I can't help but wonder IF ...maybe there will be some connection.

Anything that historic in the area around the New Madrid Fault makes me think: Earthquake.

Anything historic weather wise in the Carolinas and Georgia makes me think: Hurricanes. years where things flip fast, a strong heat spell will be broken by an usually early or late hurricane.

Raleigh is forecasted to have the hottest weather EVER in RECORDED HISTORY later this week. And, just think I am here

Weather for Raleigh, NC

76°F | °CThuFriSatSun
ClearClearClearMostly Sunny
Partly Cloudy
Wind: W at 5 mph
Humidity: 52%99°75°104°77°108°81°104°77°

Weather for Wilmington, NC

76°F | °CThuFriSatSun
Wind: W at 5 mph
Humidity: 56%90°72°97°75°99°81°104°79°

Weather for Charleston, SC

82°F | °CThuFriSatSun
ClearClearClearMostly Sunny
Wind: W at 6 mph
Humidity: 54%90°75°91°77°102°77°104°77°

Weather for Jacksonville, FL

76°F | °CThuFriSatSun
ClearClearClearMostly Sunny
Wind: W at 4 mph
Humidity: 67%88°72°93°75°97°75°93°75°

For those who love Dr. Strangelove and love Conspiracy Theories... you can forget Mother Nature and blame it on Big Brother... am sure someone somewhere is blaming the heat wave on HAARP or some other conspiracy. Take your pick.... Indian Chiefs, astrological aspects, Native American Indian curses or random, weird weather. Or... jaws music here.............Mayan Prophecies as it is 2012...

I will say this though about the whole "chemtrail" conspiracy ... I'm a little tired of seeing them in Raleigh, nonstop and down towards the coast around Wilmington. From no where you see them, planes flying low with their chemicals unraveling..not high flying jet planes... and they criss cross the sky and within 30 minutes the blue sky suddenly turns milky white... my headaches get worse and I wonder...does no one notice this? Do people just not look up as they are driving paying attention to their texts and the road or do they simply think it's normal.

Twitter abounds with nonstop Tweets on HAARP. If you enjoy conspiracies it's a great highway to play on:

Temps over #100excessive high winds &amptornados all summer&ampspringI'm sure it has nothing to do with  

It's not normal. Not sure what the story is there with them.. maybe they are making rain and it's no big conspiracy, Raleigh no longer has a drought...  but whatever it is... my breathing and my headaches get worse whenever I notice the low flying planes with chemtrails unraveling ribbon like into white milky trails.

Like most people... I have priorities. I have to find the right something to wear with a wedgewood blue/purple gown for a wedding in July in New York as my weather focused daughter gets married...  but am wondering what if any long term damage we are doing to the weather as we try to control "global warming" which will cause more problems than "global warming" has caused.

Bottom line... don't mess with Indian Chiefs, Lex Luthor or Superman and think Mint Juleps, small fans blowing on you while wearing as little clothes as possible if you live in the Carolinas when the "scary heat" arrives and you watch the mercury climb up into the triple digits.

Can hurricanes be far behind? I think not.............

1954 ... 3 sisters of Hazel, Edna and Carol
1955 ....3 sisters of Connie, Diane and Ione hit the Mid Atlantic after a very  hot summer.

(maybe its a double digit thing like people with double consonaunts in their names spells trouble?)

Really the bottom line is 2012 has been a year with seesaw temps. A warm winter and then a sudden spate of cold spells and cool air, then hot weather again...historic temperatures... 

Only time will tell if we have earthquakes or hurricanes this summer... you can blame it on the Mayan Prophecies, HAARP or Global Warming.... it's all the same thing in the end.

We love to talk about the weather while watching the earthquake ticker on Drudge or on your handy, dandy phone APP... 

Nero fiddled while Rome burned and trust me weather watchers were discussing the strange weather and how the earth was rumbling while Nero fiddled.  

As for me... I'll be eating Frozen Yogurt, wearing tank tops and thin guazy skirts and not much else while wondering on if the wave in the Atlantic will develop and come and break our heat spell. And, listening to Jimmy Buffett songs and using my new Bella Rocket to make smoothies with what's left of my Publix Yogurt Guava and Mango yogurts I have that I keep stored away for days like this in Raleigh.   Enjoy... Marilyn singing Heat Wave..

Pick your poison, pick your passion... and dreaming of being back home in South Florida when the wedding, family obligations subside and you know where you can find me... by the breeze, next to the gumbo limbo trees staring out at the blue beautiful water.

Besos Bobbi


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