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Monday, September 05, 2011

Water Logged Hurricane Season... Next on List Maria

People are still cleaning up across the Northeast from Irene. The Weather Channel was able to get a special based on Irene's life, faster than the could clean up the mess. The clean up continues, some people are still without electric and the floods have not totally receded.

Yet we are watching Lee work it's way into a frontal boundary and invigorate it at the same time so much so that they are having twisters in Georgia while it is still raining in the Florida Panhandle.

Katia is a stunningly beautiful hurricane far out in the Atlantic and everyone is hoping she will stay out in the Atlantic so that people can continue cleaning up from Irene and Lee.

This evening I downloaded my first picture and set up my new file named "MARIA" as the tropical wave in the far off Atlantic already looks like she is a bona fide Tropical Depression. However, it seems the NHC wants to take a much needed break from issuing multiple advisories and possibly upgrade by way of sending out recon. Hard to believe that last part, though they would love to so do, as the new wave known as Invest 95 is rapidly looking like a system that begs for it's christening. The name will be Maria. A beautiful name for what could be a problem for the Southeast and Miami. I say Miami, not because I am from Miami, but because the models make a beeline for South Beach. Then again.........they have done that before with Emily and with Irene and we lucked out. Will our luck hold the rest of the season? Only time will tell but am hoping so...

It's raining in the Carolinas this afternoon as the violent energy from the day's storms in Georgia moves through on it's way NE. The threat of severe weather remains for the rest of the day.

Lee, despite all the dire predictions, did not go back out and loop around in the Gulf but joined forces with the cold front. Does that mean Katia will behave and curve out to sea? Probably.

Katia is now a CATEGORY THREE hurricane... a MAJOR... dancing in the Atlantic and hopefully pirouetting out to sea.

Nothing is for sure in the tropical world forever, but this looks like a good bet.

As for Maria waiting in the wings to take over as understudy and knock them dead on Broadway.... that script has yet to be completed and is still in rewrites.

So.... if you made it through this Labor Day Weekend with all your loved ones alive and well and you made some memories to last a life time....count your lucky stars!

2011 is most likely going to go down in history as the season when flooding occurred everywhere except for in Texas where they could use some rain really badly. The fires that have turned deadly are one of those odd imbalances that ends up in nature sometimes. One place can't get enough rain and another place it just won't stop raining!

Musical Link for today and yesterday and most likely tomorrow:

NE/NY Flooding:

Google "flooding" and you will see a flood of news stories all across the country.

Sweet Tropical Dreams...and hope Maria is a beautiful dream not a nightmare. Love that name...


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