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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene VS New York City

Well, worst case scenarios have a way of sometimes coming true and in this case this seems to be a worst case scenario. You never know though, sometimes "mother nature" or some force we don't like to name out loud pulls an Ace out from up it's sleeve and sometimes, something changes.

At the moment Irene looks odd beyond words, it's as if the bottom part of her just disappeared on funktop and visible imagery. Will see. Even if she weakens dramatically before actually making landfall somewhere in the general NY/Long Island area the momentum of the storm surge and water being pushed out ahead of her will do damage via storm surge and fresh water flooding.

No matter what happens later this evening or early in the morning water is rushing into the subways, rolling down the stairs like little waterfalls down, down and further down into the subterranean world that is the NY Subway/Sewer system. How many people have watched as Superman had to go down there to deal with Lex Luthor or some such villain hiding out down there causing mayhem in the city above...or was that Metropolis...or was it NY? It's all the same... really... but is there a Superman to save the day?

Either way no matter how high the winds get...or don't get.. New York trees are not meant for storms like this and they break and fall down onto cars and block the streets below.

Even a best case/worst case scenario and it's gonna be a mess.

Further south in North Carolina the flooding in New Bern and Oriental was bad and damage along the coast from the high surf ripped apart piers and coastal structures. Here and there a tornado ripped the roof off of a building or complex. Raleigh managed pretty good, all in all. Everyone I spoke to is so far okay, hope that is true for everyone I didn't speak to... There was a lot of damage and there will be a lot of clean up. North Carolina is used to cleaning up...

And, the clean up will continue up the coast from Baltimore to Dover to New Jersey and well into New York and beyond into New England.

It's sad because it seems to be a real lose lose scenario. Either NYC gets slammed by a catastrophe or everyone cries foul and complains that there was hype and overkill on a minor storm. No one will be happy either way, except for those few glass half full types who will smile and thank the Lord and be grateful. Most will complain either way...which is sad because we need more people who smile and think positive and thank the powers that be when the worst does not happen.

As for me tonight, I was mesmerized by the crawl on the ticker on twitter that began to go crazy fast in the last few hours. Talking to one of my daughters who lives in Brooklyn and watching the other live feeds. All I could think of was that they have almost made television no longer newsworthy. Some stations keep abreast with great live tickers of their own.

One of the best tonight is the Daily Post ... they are incredible with the live feed of information.

TWC has the Dream Team of Cantore and Norcross... one in the studio stuttering and looking nervous imparting information and Cantore out there in the elements howling. I wonder if Cantore deep down ever thought he'd really be covering a hurricane in Times Square or on the Battery? Yes, no ... maybe.

As for me.. I'm going to bed or going to pretend to...

We will know in a few more hours if an Ace was pulled out of the hat and somehow NYC was hit by Irene but if she dodged the big bullet. And, how bad the damage really will be.

It's funny, I was at the beach in Miami when Irene passed by offshore, more of my family was in Raleigh... an equal distance suffering the same squalls I suffered on Thursday up in Raleigh today...and tomorrow morning several of my kids will be dealing directly with Irene in New York City. I'm beginning to think the Meyer family should be working for TWC ;)

Good night and sweet tropical dreams and this will be the last time Irene is used on the list as sadly people died and the damage is torrential... like the rains and so say goodnight to Irene because she won't be around anymore to make jokes about as she is no longer a laughing matter.

Besos Bobbi

Ps Sorry I was off so much tonight but sometimes even a tropical muse... has to take a break and be inspired and watch the events unfold while waiting for Superman to save Lois and the world...


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