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Friday, March 11, 2011

Terrible Timing For Obama to Tie Up Air Waves During a Time of Crisis

Be clear here... this is not a partisan response and I do not care if Obama was born in Kentucky or Kenya or is a Republican or a Democrat, I don't care if he is Black, White or Blue from the Planet where the Na’vi people lived.

NOW is NOT the time to wax on and on in his academic style hogging up time on CNN and FOX when people are glued to the TV looking for news on loved ones in Japan, Hawaii or California.

Now is not the time. He spoke and is currently still speaking on everything from domestic policy to his upcoming trip to Brazil.

The nuclear plant is having a problem cooling down and despite attempts from the US who tried to get special equipment in there the plant is obviously not cooling down properly. The reason for the whole "cooling systems" is because they are needed, not something that can be bypassed. Pressure is rising and they are evacuating larger areas.

News of any damage from the Tsunamis was just streaming in and people are glued to the Television world wide.

Now was not the time to go LONG and speak for almost an hour, giving what seems to be a State of the Union Address.

Shows a total lack of humanity and concern for the drama being played out in real time across the Globe.

His words, "a potentially catastrophic" disaster shows his lack of connection to the every day real world as a 8.8 earthquake is not a "potential catastrophe" but a very real one.

Mind you he is the President, I respect that. Speak, give a short speech, say what you NEED to and GET OFF THE AIR and do not HOG up CNN and FOX at a time when everyone is looking for breaking news ...none of what he is saying is "breaking news" it is his attempt to hijack the media at a time when he knows people are watching to give his opinion on everything he has been pretty silent on for far he has spoken on everything except Charlie Sheen.

Very disappointed actually in CNN and FOX that they do not cut away and cover the larger, more important story.

To anyone who is annoyed that surfers are traveling miles at higher speeds than the tsunami to beaches in California to surf the Tsunamis... they seem more sane than he does right now as far as priorities.

Very, very disappointed that we have a President who worries so much about how America is perceived in the world vs worrying on the needs of most Americans and humanity to cover a story larger than his thoughts on things he could speak on any other time not while people are trying to find out if their loved ones will be able to get out of the airport in Japan where they are stranded.

Someone just called me, worried on their relative who was visiting Japan with a swim team from a base in Okinawa and their kids cannot get out as the whole city is shut down.

Now was not the right time for an hour long Press Conference .... this is really pathetic and sad, poor judgement in my humble opinion and annoying I have to try and get BBC online live because Fox and CNN are being held hostage by this long, rambling, untimely press conference...

Annoyed Bobbi


TWO entire trains seem to have been swept away and are missing in Japan, do you know how many people might be on those trains? Just one of the many breaking stories that I feel are more important...


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Black Friday said...

I agree with you, in these circumstances he needs to stay off the TVs so we can keep updated on the situation.


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