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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday Morning - March Madness

It's been called to my attention that I haven't posted in a while, blogged, posted, etc.

I thought I had but then again it's March and March Madness for me is the cold, dark season when hurricanes seem further away than the Northern Lights. Football is a distant memory and it's not prime time for the Red Sox. Snow is distant, quiet and brooding far away in the Badlands somewhere...not here.

Where is my mind I wonder in March? Marching to a different beat, scattered, eclectically everywhere.

Musing a bit on dance, poetry and life.

My favorite city is bogged down dealing with rioting rants of geological doomsday theories and space sagas. I really do wonder how NASA can lose TWO satellites that cost $54 MILLION DOLLARS to LAUNCH... Maybe scientists should study history, because they seem to not have gotten that lesson down well. And, on top of everything I'd rather the money be spent on curing AIDS or the Common Cold than "Global Warming" which could seriously turn on a dime if some meteorite hits the Earth in 2011 and changes our climate not to mention our geography maps.

So, rather than sitting here worrying on meteors and volcanoes and fault lines that go bump in the night I am going to do some writing, read some tweets, dance to my own mix of beats as Sunday is Zumba first followed by Bollywood at the Gym.

It is truly amazing how the American Musical, an original form of art, made it's way to India :)and has thrived.

And, just so you know while writing this blog I am helping my son who is studying computers in college write a paper. Am I a multitasker or what?

Thank heaven for Joe Bastardi who tweets fast and furiously about everything from wrestling to basketball to runaway vacations to the future, upcoming Hurricane Season of 2011!

Notice the relevant tweets listed below:

Amazing "avoidance" of US coast like last year not likely this year. cold pdo, warm amo 2cnd year nina also has some 1950s links

BigJoeBastardi Joe Bastardi
Heh, I am in Florida... Though I think snow in PA, I gotta say something about hurricanes while I'm here, right?
5 Mar Favorite Retweet Reply

BigJoeBastardi Joe Bastardi
Less numbers than last year, more bang for the the buck... get ready for folks to follow that

Let's see what happens when we do meteorological math:

US Landfalls

I doubt he means 1950:

Maybe he means 1955... Hmnnnnnnnnnnnn

Well, I'm going to go and stand around in the light rain that is falling down outside as I sit inside and type. I'm going to take a hot, hot shower and then I am going to go dance like there's no tomorrow and worry on the Hurricane Season another day...or later today ;)

Thanks for making me write something with real punctuation and for making me smile. And, to my friend sitting there with a silly look on his face trying to figure out what Willie Nelson song I am thinking on....

Always wonderful "spending Sunday Morning with you" ;)

Besos Bobbi

Ps Any typos are because I'm online with a friend, drinking cafecito and trying to do 3 or 4 things while taking a slow dance down memory lane ;) and yeah you win was not a Willie song, I just love his rendition.

Original:, what a song....


At 12:48 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Not a multi tasker, more like quadruple. Wow on that last song. I mean the version of Pretty woman had me captivated however (silo) The Willie Nelson Duet was just amazing! Thanks Bobbi, and umm, what's a typo?


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