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Friday, March 11, 2011

Radiation Problem at Nuclear Plant, Several Trains Swept Away and Missing Ships

These are the most recent reports that have surfaced. Sadly, the trains have not been found and are either swept away by the tsunami or buried somehow under rubble.

This quake was a massive quake that was part of the North American plate snapping and there will most likely be more quakes as the earth adjusts to the new 150 mile long, 50 mile wide break in the earth's crust.

With regard to the issue of the earlier quake that was 7.2 on March 9th, this statement was issued. "The earthquake occurred near the site of another tremor that shook Miyagi Prefecture on Wednesday, so the earlier quake may have been a fore shock, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency."

It is impossible to adequately make estimates as to how many people are missing, dead or who will be dead due to the aftermath of the quake that will include and might include more deadly quakes, disease and people who are seriously injured dying from lack of available medical care, medicine and food.

This is a dire, urgent situation that calls for world help, world prayer and world compassion.

And, it's very possible that another strong quake somewhere along the lines connecting the plates will occur in the near future.

I imagine, down the road during the hurricane season this will be factored in to worries and fears as storms form and head towards areas still devastated by this quake much in the way we worried on Haiti having to deal with a hurricane while it is still recovering from an earthquake.

With prayers and tremendous respect for all of the reporters, bloggers and on air commentators who are doing their best to bring information to the world who is hungry for details and facts on this horrible disaster.

Good Shabbos and prayers for no one to have to go through what the people of Japan are going through today,



At 10:52 AM, Blogger Sherri said...

I fear that there will be many more disasters around the Ring of Fire over the next few years. Those tectonic plates are very unstable right now.

Hoping the coming storm season keeps all that form "fishing" in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific away from occupied land.


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