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Friday, March 11, 2011

Best Links to Watch For News on Japan Quakes & Effects Around the World

BBC coverage has been live and incredible and a life saver while Fox and CNN covered a long, long press conference that took away from breaking news in the US. Note, their coverage is more newsy and less graphical than the US... watching both as they are all good.

Sites online such as

Great image from there that shows the timing on the Tsunami that has yet to get near SOUTH AMERICA....

We sometimes tend to be too ethnocentric... the waves actually angle towards South American more than California.
Put in BBC or CNN or whatever your choice and they are doing better live time updates filled with infos giving me an all new appreciation of Twitter than I ever had in the past.


BBC_WNA World News America
The official Kyodo news agency is reporting that about 88,000 people are missing.

Geology Links that show real time info on quakes and patterns can be seen by anyone:

Websites and message boards such as have a plethora of amazing educational information on everything geological and scientific during the off-season when there are no hurricanes. Did you know that you can use satellite imagery to watch solar storms and flares and how they hit the earth much the way you can watch a Water Vapor Loop when a hurricane is forming?

Excellent post for example:

Odd places to look?

Go to your favorite site that covers religious news and most places have missions of some sort in Japan, missions of every religion:

Even Entertainment news:

As a librarian I learned to widen a search, bring it in close, go wide again. There is a lot of news out there from every point of view there is...

When I was a little girl my uncle used to listen to news on Ham Radio. We would hear people in Cuba talking, Europe (Radio Free Europe??) and so many sites. When I got older I widened my search for news to a subscription with the New York Times. I lived in Long Beach, California and some man downstairs sat all day listening to the police scanner :)

Today we can get information anywhere... not just Drudge who does world disaster better than anyone I know, with the possible exception of a guy on Canetalk at HurricaneCity.

So... post any link that I may have missed.

Stay tuned, this is far from over.

There are two trains missing, ships missing.. How many people are missing?

How many more times will the earth shake and how strong in Japan? This could conceivably be a Fore shock to a bigger quake, though probably not but on March 9th, I thought that the 7.2 in Japan was the BIG ONE.

Watch California, Arkansas and other spots that are geologically active. There was a quake in Oklahoma recently, small but well... better not be anymore. Hawaii and any other place that goes beep in the Volcanic night.

Everything on our planet is connected, we are all in the same boat... we just don't always know it.

It is easy to take the dog for a walk, go out to the gym or watch a Soap Opera and pretend it's not going on, that people are dying and suffering and lost in the aftermath of the strongest Earthquake in Japan's recorded history. You can miss the news that four people were swept out to sea in Crescent City...

"Crescent City Councilwoman Kelly Schellong said the docks and harbor "are pretty much completely destroyed."

Stevens said the damage cost was estimated to be into the millions, and surges still are expected through the afternoon."

Some people have loved ones in Japan on business this week and they are freaking trying to find out if they are okay or if they might be affected by a dangerous radioactive cloud.

Not everyone can be located as easily as a missing muse who is half asleep and hasn't gone online and not everyone can send out the Dogs to check on their loved ones like some crazy people can, there are people missing in this Epic Disaster and pain and yes... Misery going on everywhere. So, may I say... if you love someone tell them you love them, don't wait until another day when you can speak up or say what needs to be said today. Smell the roses, enjoy the beauty around you, pray for those who need prayers, give charity and stay informed because history does repeat itself and worst case scenarios happen whether they are meteorological or geological.

News happens... life happens.... treasure every minute of it!

Besos Bobbi

Ps will update what I can before Shabbos when I will spend my day in prayer for those who need and reflecting on the many that I love... including "crazy person" .... to be continued................


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