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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

NC Governor Goes Live On TV... State of Emergency

Hurricane VS The Front

A very together, tough lady just went on air and asked for everyone to pay attention, to evacuate the barrier islands just in case...better be safe than sorry.

There has been a mood here to NOT prepare, locals worrying on the Labor Day Tourist Season which is like Christmas to many and the last big chance to make money that will have to last through the dry days of winter.

She has promised that WHEN the storm passes the ferries will be up and running and people can go back and we can celebrate Labor Day on the beaches of NC ...something about if God is willing we will have a beautiful Labor Day in the most beautiful place ... etc... well you get the idea.

Both warning and promo...

Stressed that storms often change their track at the last minute and if this moves further west places along the coast and further inland can and may get strong winds and storm conditions.

She said something about the Feds asking her to do everything possible to get people to get their boats out of the water..

I don't know what to say.

Except what a local met said after she was done speaking... it will be stronger than Fran. And, Fran was strong and did BIG damage...far inland.

Seems low confidence in the NHC and they want to believe but they just got to do what they got to do... ya know?

Fiona is still out there.

TD9 formed and is moving west from Africa...

And, the season goes on and on.

The GFS is moving closer and closer to a NC landfall, not a miss by a mile.

Wind probs keep going up and up from NC to Ocean City...

Stay out of danger... will be back with more updates.

To be honest.... the NHC is very good, very, very good.

But, when they have to make a change it's fast and there aren't a lot of apologies.

Personally, I am getting tired of their discussion... it is nothing more usually than a CYA defensive explanation of what models they are looking at and how they are drawing the line from the most eastern and most western models and making a cone in the middle. They used to give better discussion that was more in depth and sometimes their discussion is indeed like that but of late it is meteorological gobbly gook on models and as someone who used to love listening to model discussion for me to be tired of it... is pretty bad.

My daddy used to say... you got to do what you got to do. If I lived in Wilmington I'd be preparing just in case.

All along I have said I think Earl will get to 75... a degree right or left can mean millions of dollars of damage along the NC coastline..and later the NJ and NY coastline.

75 no longer seems crazy and back when I said it the NHC was insistent on 68 or 69.

Things change... be prepared.


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