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Friday, August 20, 2010

Take the A Train to Danielle

That would be the logic coming out of the NHC this morning as they have upped the chances of something forming in the East Atlantic to 40% and gave it a nice jazzy orange circle.

Just goes to show that as September approaches it's a must to remember the A Train, the Cape Verde Train... the main show in the 3 ring circus that will be playing this weekend. A yellow circle remains hovering over the Yucatan and a new yellow circle could go up off the coast of the Carolinas but the main show in town is the Wave Train off of Africa.

Here...take a look if you don't believe me... this wave has so many cars on it that it's a shell game which one is going to develop.

Watch it in motion:

Mind you for now there is more color, pretty purple off of the Carolinas and yet they didn't give it even the smallest transparent circle...

Well, this is what you have BobbiStorm for isn't it? To show you where to look and what to look at before the NHC shows it to you as I don't have to validate myself to anyone round here. I don't have to cover my cute little ass... nope. I tell it like I see it to steal a line from an old friend. And, only time will tell how accurate I am. Hey, I drew a line for Charley and sifted through the various cones to figure out which one was the most logical. Usually storms are logical and even when they ain't there is a method to their madness. Andrew was supposed to catch the trof... read but he didn't..which was logical to my friend Sharon who said no way is that front strong enough. So... people who trust me trust me because I am honest, I speak from the heart, I have a wealth of meteorological and historical knowledge, I love to write and enjoy finding the right soundtrack for a good loop .... and a proven record over time. Not exactly a gold record but I have definitely made the charts ;)

So... keep on watching that A Train and looping this loop. Keep watching that area off of the Carolinas that is moving like a moth towards the ULL flame and watch the flow across the Atlantic back towards Florida. Mind will likely go out to sea but what if it doesn't? That is what we are all about at Hurricane Harbor.. about possibilities in the tropics.

Also note that the Tropical Cyclone Plug was just pulled in the East Pac when the NHC named the area off the W Coast of the Pacific as a Tropical Depression. Might not be our Ocean but the point is I said the other for any changes in the Tropics and they have been devoid of development for weeks... something changed, it should be noted and that Wave Train off of Africa should be watched because one of those cars in that train will start spinning any day and once it does... choo choo...

And, don't take your eyes off of the A Train.... because I absolutely love it when a forecast comes together...

Besos Bobbi

Ps ... music to loop that unisys loop to...


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