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Friday, August 20, 2010

Pin the Tail on Larry Moe and Curly.. or Finding Danielle

It's beginning to sound like a movie script. Finding Danielle in the madness of the Eastern Tropical Atlantic.. 3 competing cells all firing at once and yet there is really only room for one to win and make a run for the roses..

Perhaps this might be 3 Faces of Eve and we could get a tropical shrink to figure out which one out there is the host personality.

I don't know ...but I do know that the slow jelling of this system is keeping this it on a more westerly track because the longer it takes to come together, the further south and west it gets.

The wave I really like should exit Africa over the weekend...

So, grab a cool one..sit a spell and watch cause one of these pretty waves should become Danielle, unless there is some big play by special teams and the ball gets stolen away and named somewhere else. sorry, mixing metaphors while staring at things I would love to buy from an online Miami Dolphins Site.

NHC still says 40% while TWC is giving it 50% odds... will see... one lovely lady needs to step forward and then we will know just what will be... because without a verified center the models are pretty much garbage in and garbage out and should be used for entertainment purposes only. I did send the newest model to my brother... cause that would indicate a South Florida storm but hey in 6 hours it could be a Fish Storm.

Besos Bobbi
Ps... is this beautiful or what?


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