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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Get Your Hurricane Set Ready This Holiday Weekend

It has been predicted we will have 14 to 23 named storms this Hurricane Season...

Are you prepared that is the question?

Look at it this way... BP didn't prepare for an emergency... you can and should prepare for a Hurricane! Learn from their mistakes...

Somewhere between the sunbathing and trying on the new bikini and taking it out on the road to a beach near you .... this is a good weekend to make a quick check list of what you have, what you need and what you would like to add to your Hurricane Kit.

Time passages change our parameters for what is important or not to include.

Last year you may not have had a baby, this year you may want to stock up on diapers in case some Hurricane comes to visit your newly expanded family.

Or an older person who is not doing as well this year and is now in a care facility, you might want to check and see what their plans are in case of a hurricane and if you wish to leave them at ye olde nursing home or bring them home to your house to ride out the storm.

Every year brings new intangibles...

My brother's new roof that was put on after Wilma took off the old one is now leaking. The contractor is no longer in business and wants to do a remake of "Let's Make A Deal" and has so far only provided a blue tarp.... A lot of "new roofs" that were put on after Wilma in Florida are beginning to show signs of "not licensed workers" aging... Sad but true, and most those leaks have shown up as the rains of May descended early upon South Florida.

Perhaps you have moved, been put on medication that you were not taking last year. Stock up.

June 1st should be the day that every American living in the Hurricane Belt takes their prescriptions to the pharmacy and gets a new inhaler for the asthmatic, extra pills for people taking blood pressure meds, allergy meds, any meds... lay in a good two week extra supply as running out of allergy and asthma medicine the day after the storm hits is not user friendly to your health. And, if you don't normally take asthma meds ... while watching the debris piled up on your swail turn moldy in the summer sun before the city can haul it away WILL NEED your asthma inhaler, trust me... Post Hurricane Clean Up is not friendly to asthmatics or people with allergies to mold....

Get Ready NOW.... if you don't have to deal with a storm you will have an extra inhaler or whatever your choice of emergency meds are...

Hurricanes are the ONE major disaster that you CAN PREPARE for.. earthquakes give little warning except for ripples in a coffee cup on your desk or hanging plants suddenly doing Zumba moves. Volcanoes blow their top and there is no stopping them...
Flash Floods hit in a flash...

With Hurricanes you have the illusion of control, the ability to try and prepare for an emergency that will eventually hit you if you live long enough anywhere along the Hurricane Coast.

So somewhere between a stop at your favorite Starbucks and your showing off your Bikini and showing up at Uncle Earl's BBQ.... grab a pen and paper or download a few new apps on your IPhone and start thinking about Hurricane Season because trust me some storm named Earl or Karl may be planning a visit to your town sometime soon!

Look at it this way... BP didn't prepare for an emergency... you can and should prepare for a Hurricane!

Straight from the NHC here is a checklist for you to start with, take it and personalize it for your own needs.

For example, if you have an asthmatic child order an extra inhaler and buy a big box of crayons to keep your child healthy and busy so you can do what you need to do to get through the storm's aftermath...

As for the Oil Spill.... best article I have seen written is on Wunderground by Jeff Masters. It is the most comprehensive and impressive read for anyone worrying or wondering how the oil spill will be affected by a Hurricane later this season. <--- billed as reality tv...
Excellent coverage from an angle only Philippe Cousteau Jr. can give...


Note a large area of bright convection in the Pacific that could possibly transfer it's energy into the Carib. This is a real "could" "maybe" "possibly" scenario and not something to expect but to watch just in case it does happen.

The area off of the Carolinas has produced a beautiful breeze at the beach and nothing more and there are blue skies almost everywhere today along the Hurricane Coast so when your local newspaper writes an article about preparing for Hurricane Season... DO IT!

Again, do you want to be like those people at BP who did not think they needed to prepare for a "what if" scenario or do you want to be the lucky one who has a plan and knows how to execute it?

Get a plan and go out and have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Besos Bobbi ;)


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