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Friday, January 29, 2010

A Winter Storm Warning Is In Effect... Why 24 hours out can they not pin it down?

Got into Raleigh in time for a "winter storm warning" and a headline in the News and Observer that states "snow or something" and I am thinking we are doing WAY better down home in Miami with hurricanes than they are doing up here with snow...

I just have problems understanding how a little over 24 hours away from a winter event that can possibly and probably will shut down the entire Triangle and most of North Carolina they cannot figure out where the snow will fall, where the ice will fall, where the trees will freeze and topple over and who will get hit with sleet? I do understand this region has many micro-climates even within one area... one cul de sac but still... no one wants to say whether it will be a dusting, a few inches or five inches. If we pulled that nonsense in Miami with a hurricane or tropical event we would be never hear the end of it.

Maybe our expectations are too high. We should just have a "tropical storm warning event" in effect. But, that is what Miami used to have back in the 1920s when there was a notice that a West Indies Storm was on the way... sometimes they came, other times they didn't and sometimes they slammed into Miami with a storm surge of 15 feet and knocked Miamians on their feet for months...even a year or two but then we came back because no matter how many storms we get every 20 years or so the rest of the year we have blue skies, fresh air and you can run around in sandals even in winter.

I was a bit afraid I'd miss this "winter storm warning" as I am in Miami more than anywhere lately and figured I'd miss the snowstorm or ice storm that I knew El Nino would bring in... but seems this shabbos for me will be a winter wonderland and I hope it will be a pretty and scenic one versus a knock down, drag out, trees falling over from ice or blizzard conditions. IF I am going to do a blizzard I have always wanted to do it from Nags Head... on in Boston or Maine. Go Red Sox!! lol

So... a winter storm warning is in effect... enjoy the "Hurricane" pics from North Carolina. Sort of fun for a hurricane freak to go to a Canes game and learn there are Caniacs who are not into weather but ice hockey!! We won .. .by the way...

Besos Bobbi


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