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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow in Miami? Yes or No? Reports from "trained spotters" in Kendall and Oakland Park

But no official confirmation from the NWS. Feel like they are reviewing the play over and over and all we can see is the back of the refs watching the video..

Trained spotters in Kendall and Oakland Park reported flurries. I imagine they are reviewing all the radar loops to see if flurries could have been mixed in with the rain. It was definitely cold enough... and there was it seems ample moisture.

Now...was there snow?

You know... I know what it's like not to be sure if it is or isn't snow.. trust me..

As for me ... I am freezing my @ss off this week in North Carolina and wishing I was back in Miami watching for snow there... I mean if I have my druthers I'd rather see palm trees than pine trees.

Either way... will be back soon but will this possible snowfall be all we get or will we get more? The 1977 was a big event, one of three strong fronts if I remember... was like once a week we had this crazy Arctic blast... I want to say on Tuesday but might be wrong.

The only confirmation from the National Weather Service was the following...

"We can't deny it didn't happen. We just haven't been able to confirm it," Rothfuss said.

Not a real confirmation, more of a maybe it did and maybe it didn't.

We will soon know for sure but what we do know is there will be losses in the millions, billions by the time this winter is over to the economy as Florida is one of the leading producers of Winter Agriculture. We won't know how badly the strawberries and oranges and tons of produce the Sunshine State provides for a while but if you see frozen OJ in your freezer at the market... buy some fast as it won't stay at that price for long.

Be back later with better reports after a good hot shower and a nice hot cup of coffee...

Besos Bobbi... blue skies outside but brrrrr not very tropical..


At 2:54 AM, Blogger Don Morris DC DABCO said...

Regarding "trained spotters", I want to plug the program. The weather service does free spotter trainings and relies more on reports from those trained spotters.

The program is Skywarn and really needs more spotters. Class schedule is posted at

Next class in Miami-Dade will probably be in July. Spanish and English classes are taught.

Anyone who reads weather blogs would certainly be an asset as a spotter. Personally it takes my love of weather and makes it also a public service, and gives me a community of friends.

Many are ham radio operators who participate in nets on the radio when severe weather is expected. One of my sons was reporting the recent Aventura area flood from his car (almost boat) using the ham radio and cell phone. It was fun to watch the reports make an immediate difference in the weather service's products and the news.

I am often at the NWS office at the radio there and see the trials and tribulations of forecasters limited by mainly high tech input with very little eyewitness verification. Radar does not get even close to the ground at some distance from the radar. They need people on the ground to report what radar can't.

Anyway, we don't often get to report snow! Always take a photo if possible.

Don Morris
Miami-Dade Skywarn Coordinator
WX0WX ham radio call sign


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