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Thursday, January 07, 2010

No Snow Yet... Up to 60% Chance of Snow

But well.... does that sky whisper snow?

I don't think so... not yet anyway... seems sort of silent, quiet, blue...sunny.

Looks can be deceiving however... and the forecast has edged the snow forecast up to 60% from 30% the other day.

What does it mean "likely?" Is that like greater than average chance of snow?

Well... we will see. Watching the sunlight paint golden patterns in the forest below, leaves aglow in the sunshine, quivering in the cold breeze.

Cold breeze, sunshine... what a day to take a walk in the park? Okay, silly moment there.

Watching clips from old movies and working my way up to watching a DVD of Phantom of the Opera. One Life to Live is on in the background, bizarre plots but I wouldn't take it off the air... fire some writers maybe, get some better characters or work with the better ones, leave the rest behind. TWC is doing a tornado and I have about 3 hours to get some writing done... before I go to the gym for Pilate's.

In case you were interested...

Old movies, old tv shows... old memories... golden but in the past and waiting to make new memories.

That is what life is all about after all... the constant flow of new memories being made and laid down upon the tracks that make up our lives.

As for me... I would like to see some snow but how much and where will it fall and will it stick? Will it be there in the morning or just a memory of looking out the window at flakes falling magically down and yet gone when the sun comes up.. only traces and a few flakes left melting on the ground?

Will see..... no snow yet... just a lot of whispered promises by weathermen.


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