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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No News is Not Good News... in Haiti

I heard someone say that and it is so true. No news is bad..

Some news is coming out via phones, twitter and news interviews via satellite connections... few and far between though.

Daylight will come and with it will come the reality of a death toll that will be in the thousands possibly... the possibilities are horrifying.

This is a link of video from youtube that is going around.. shows the dust cloud.

As well as pictures from twitter on damage just after it happened.


Banks, hospitals, palaces and every day poor structures... though they look nicer...they are not made of high standards construction wise and either way and 7.0 quake is a biggie... its a Cat 5 when it comes to damage.. catastrophic!

Will post sites online tomorrow where help can be offered, it needs to be flown as the infrastructure there across the board is no longer there. The airport is working luckily... that is one of the better pieces of news out. That and... no tsunami.

Any good news is going to be rare but in every catastrophe there are some miracles.

Pray for a lot of miracles.


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