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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life in Miami...

A beautiful cool night with the stars out and a tropical breeze, cool yet balmy breeze... ruffling your hair as you stare up at the stars.

Miami is such an incredible backdrop for a movie. That's why so many movies are made in Miami... not to mention movie stars living here by the bay.

I was at Bayside today, so many tourists, people milling about, boats bobbling in the bay and Brazilian Jazz being played live like there always is ..

Cuban coffee, pina colada or parrots posing for pictures with tourists paying big bucks.

Working on an article about Miami in the 20s. What a time, oh what a time it was..

And, I wonder why anyone would keep trying to make over The Three Stooges when they could make over Some Like It Hot much easier and it would probably be a lot funnier. Palm Island maybe... a mansion by the bay...

Seriously... Miami is such a beautiful backdrop for any movie..

Besos and good night ... Bobbi


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