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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Fire Threatens Mt. Wilson, Jimena Threatens Cabo San Lucas, Can Invest 94 Threaten Anyone aka In Search of Erika...

Long title but hey, a lot is going on this morning in the natural world of the Earth, fires in the West, storms in the South and cold fronts dangling across the South East. Sure it's raining in Spain somewhere and we are lost in a semantic battle in the tropical meteorological world concerning a system known as Invest 94 on the NRL site.

The NRL is the King of anything Tropical!

What is in a name or a word after all? It's so often semantics...

What is the difference between fall and autumn? Leaves fall and it must be autumn?

Seems meteorological fall begins the 1st of the month so September 1st equals Fall!

Autumn begins on September 15th yet the Autumnal equinox is September 22-23 which
would of course correspond with the sun moving into Libra and out of Virgo.

The leaves are falling and to me that is "Fall" and the sun is at 9 degrees Virgo today. Yet I was taught that summer is not over until Labor Day which this year is September 9th, 2009! So, so, soooo confusing.

Do we deal with what is or what it feels like? What is real? What is fantasy?

Since the temperatures dropped the cicadas have been quieter, am hoping they traveled south to Clinton, Wallace or Roseboro. A cool breeze blows through my window and there is this little voice inside me that says, "Go for a walk Bobbi!!"

The system known as 94, the system without a name that looks amazingly like a storm but is not a storm. It's a shell game according to the NHC, as 94 doesn't have a surface low, a core... Like the Tin Man it has no heart and yet he walks and feels and Dorothy loves him even though he needs an "official heart" and that is our system. Walks like a storm, swims like a storm, moves like a storm but seemingly has no surface low attached, it is I suppose the world's largest, slowest moving mesoscale system. What I call on my computer "NOT Erika" and yet maybe it will be one day soon.

The tropics are such a metaphor for life, they are almost better than football and possibly so depending on which two teams are playing on any given Sunday.

Watching the weather today, a named major storm affecting the beautiful city of Cabo San Lucas, so few cities have the romantic allure as that city does as it's name conjures up romance and adventure in far away places.

Mt. Wilson is under siege in Los Angeles from a Forest Fire that is definitely a Major Forest Fire. So many times when I was living in L.A. a fire would move slowly up the mountain, endangering Mt. Wilson and yet time and time again it would be saved and the Mountain would win. Not sure this time. On a clear day in L.A. you can look up at Mt. Wilson and think on Observatories and satellite dishes and radio towers connecting our world with one another, TV Stations, cell phones and our own personal eye on the universe beyond.

You can watch the drama unfold if you have a stomach for fire drama, many don't and I'm not sure I do after living in L.A. and having it affect so many people I cared about. I'll take hurricanes over fire anytime. Yet, when you are driving and you get near the fires, close enough to watch them swirl and breathe as they catch one cluster of chaparral and move onto the next that explodes in a wild fusion of color and motion..they are mesmerizing, more mesmerizing even than the water vapor loop. Yet, they do much more damage than most tropical coastal cruisers.

Time will tell who fares better... Cabo San Lucas or Mt. Wilson.

A good map and site:

Another good resource:

The famous KTLA is below:

No one tells it better than KTLA in the Southland when it comes to breaking news.

While watching the system in the Atlantic that is now approaching the Caribbean, which makes me wonder how it is going to verify with the models that turned it by now towards the Northwest you can enjoy the always interesting commentary at as they track the storm's movements and it's effect upon the Caribbean islands in it's path. Guess it depends if and when it center forms, where the center is located.

A sample of the posts is below, great writing ;)

"31 Aug 2009 23:51:28 -0000 - Curious system
Good evening,

Just a quick post to mention Invest 94L is something of a Mother Nature anomaly having had all the ingredients to become a monster (and could still) but just never got it's act together. If the increased wind shear does not keep it battened down, then it still has the chance to reach hurricane status in a few days. Right now, it looks like a molting octopus with it's western side being beaten down by the increase in wind shear. Still, at a low latitude, 14.6 N as of 5 pm, it's still a danger to the northern Caribbean Islands and the Bahama's. When it gets it's act together, it will not be pretty. At the moment, it is still playing hide and seek.

More tomorrow morning.


There is more at the Storm Carib site and if you click on what looks like a storm you will see image upon image of incredible satellite images of the Caribbean.

So, I can never think of L.A. without thinking on the 80s and my life there and throbbing 80s music sifts its way into my brain.

Great 1980s tune and view into the past...

That is what Erika needs if she is to form from the area known as Invest 94, she needs a heart, she can't just flirt and wink and swirl about but she really needs to get down and dirty, on the surface and do something that proves to the NHC that she is indeed a real surface low, not just a flash in the Caribbean night.

Maybe they will update and upgrade later today.

Mesoscale or Tropical Storm...

Only the National Hurricane Center knows for sure . . .

Besos Bobbi

Ps...can't have Dorothy without TOTO can you??? Would sort of be like Mary without her little lamb...


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