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Monday, August 31, 2009

Status Quo in the Atlantic and Cat 4 pushing Cat 5 Aimed at Baja

Well, if there is a Category 4 Hurricane in the Epac moving towards Baja California then it's an El Nino Year.

Hurricane Linda in 1997 was one of the most photogenic hurricanes that I ever remember and luckily did not move north into Baja.

Now, Linda was one beautiful picture of a hurricane.

This year's Category Four Hurricane Jimena can be seen in the far left corner of the top picture on this blog and the system in the Atlantic can be seen on the right side.

In the Atlantic Ocean the system that might become Erika is there, hanging in despite a lot of shear and nearby Upper Level Lows and showing off some nice green color on the funktop but she will have to sustain that over night and not just consolidate on the sats but show some significant signs of circulation for the NHC before they upgrade.

Keep watching and the BEST explanation I can give for this difficult process the wave is going through is to tell you to listen to Jim Williams at Hurricane City as he gives the BEST explanations on his free tropical updates, better than Bastardi and better than Cantore and I mean that.

Jim explains it better than anyone:

Jim does not have a degree in meteorology but he has more life experience and knowledge than most anyone I know and I know quite a few with Doctorate degrees... You go by who you trust, based on years of listening and learning and seeing him be right and explain why he is right. He is one of the best!

As for me.. I am watching the Country Music Awards. My brother and I often watch together but not this year. Imagine he is having a beer for me and we are talking on Facebook, the way of the world in 2009.. I remember the first time we saw Taylor Swift singing Tim McGraw and now she's one of the stars of the show. Amazing.. time flies. And, remember listening to Barbara Mandrell and Willie Nelson while I was living in L.A. and being Country and Southern is just something you take with you no matter where you go or what your key chain is (BIG GRIN, private joke) and the more things change the more they stay the same...

So, keep watching the system in the Atlantic, say a prayer for those in the way of Jimena in the Pacific and relax tonight and watch Monday Night Football or the CMAs or both...

Besos Bobbi

Summertime for a few more days, anyway...


At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Joy Reed said...

I pray that everyone stays safe during the storm.


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