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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hurricane Bill Steady on Track, Avoids Direct Hit on Bermuda

Cone is above, Bill is below:

Bill is moving to the NW about as steady as it gets. A few wobbles here and there as he goes through eye wall replacement cycles. It is important to view the track and average out the bumps. Once in a while it looks like its wobbling west or north, you have to smooth it out..

The whole Northeast from North Carolina up through New England is going to have strong weather over the next few days as the cold front that is supposed to move east on it's way towards a date with Bill. A lot of energy in that trough.

As always it's a wait and see how close they meet, where he curves, how close he gets. So far, so good. So far he misses a direct hit on Bermuda and he misses the U.S. and just splits the up rights and dances fast up the Gulf Stream.

For NOW.... we are only looking at a possibility of Tropical Storm Force Winds in Bermuda and they have missed a severe bullet if that forecast verifies. A good sign is that Jim Cantore is in Bermuda and you know the old joke...where ever Jim goes the storm doesn't.

My concern again is the distance Bill is going to travel between Saturday 2 PM and Sunday 2 PM. Any variation in track or forecast could happen fast and people need to pay attention to their local media.

If it starts raining from the trough... do not panic. But ... if your local media weather people start to warn you that he could get closer, weather could be bad...believe them. Stay in touch. Plan your weekend, make it a good one but keep in touch with news and weather sources and with any luck he will swing by Cape Cod and look like the meteorological version of the International Space Station. Happy Viewing!!

If it rains later this weekend as that frontal boundary moves east and you are upset that it's messing up your date to jog or play tennis, be happy. That front is going to carry away Bill...

Rain is good. Rain is a blessing.

Course last night there was a massive storm in NY and trees fell down, hundreds of them in what might have been a possible twister but most likely some strong straight line winds.

I saw a big tree fall over today, just wham... no wind, no nothing... a tree that was no longer alive I guess and chose that moment to fall..t i m b e r!
No one was hurt, but in seconds.. it was on the ground. Why I don't know but if I had not been outside watering the roses I would not have seen it..or believed it..though I would surely have heard it... BAMN!!!

Watched it rain this afternoon, water flowed down the drainage ditch behind the house that is my flowing water and I smiled.

Rain is a blessing. Enjoy the rain and know it could have been a lot worse. One day a storm will kick back into the Mid-Atlantic or New England and it will happen fast and it will be mess... like Hazel or Donna.

As for Canada...they may have to deal with a fast moving Bill...

Enjoy the view of Bill from the space station.. incredible when you think on it what he looks like from Heaven, from space.... we look down at him with satellite imagery, this is what it looks like from space. Amazing. Such power and glory and awe..

In nature ... we can sometimes touch a greater power and beauty than we can while standing in line for a movie.

Besos Bobbi... and will update later.


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