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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cat 2 Hurricane Bill ... Beautiful Bill Spinning and Stronger

Should reach Cat 3 later today if things continue the way they are going.

He is beautiful.

Not much I can add, just really beautiful.

From showers off the coast of Africa to this feature that can be seen out in space, truly breathtaking. Does anyone wonder what people on distant planets must be thinking as they look down through some extra strength, super duper telescope at Planet Earth and think "wow, Martha.. Earth has one of those white round circles again!!"

Well, if there are people out there.. either way, makes Jupiter's Red Dot look boring in comparison. Nothing as beautiful as a big hurricane out in the middle of the ocean spinning around, mesmerizingly beautiful!

Forecast to go wide left and miss Bermuda and hope it does for Bermuda's sake. Should follow the forecasted track. I always expect storms in this part of the Atlantic to slow down and stall somewhere, especially this time of year when fronts go slower or faster than forecast and high pressure systems get funky but don't see that on the horizon, I just wouldn't be surprised if she does slow and spin somewhere before turning and going out to sea. You never know with these storms, that is why people love to track them.. they are not boring. NHC is doing a great job as always so sit back and watch him spin.

Fins won last night, I am still hyped. Will get me through the morning at least ;)

Back later with more info and keep an eye on the area in the Bahamas that may or may not be connected with the remnants of Ana, as there is a yellow box up for possible development.

Chow for Now, Bobbi

Chose mostly black and white pics..sometimes the simplicity of them is more stark, beautiful... serenely stunning ;)


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