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Monday, August 31, 2009

Birth of a Storm...Consolidation in the Caribbean, Amazing Loop & Images... of soon to be Erika

Amazing loop, really the birth of a storm... slow, long loop:

One word: Consolidation. Amazingly consolidating...

And, come on NHC what are we waiting for? It doesn't have to be named Erika, if this is not already a Tropical Depression what is?

As for Epac... they are sending planes into Hurricane Jimena off the coast of Mexico and it is very common in El Nino years for them to now want to go out to sea. Nothing is a given in life.

And, the track is not set in stone for Erika who is waiting to get some attention and putting on quite a show. Does she curve up into the ocean of move under a strong high that develops after the passage of this very cool, cool front or what exactly will she do?

Good loop:

Ps...okay... I posted before it became a storm, big news day here... sort of glued to the computer, fires in California, Hurricane off the coast of Mexico and oh well... lot going on in the news. Going to take a shower, grab some lunch and make some wonderful expresso.. can't you smell the consolidation ;)

(name her... come on already, at least go with Tropical Depression Status..)


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