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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Julie Durda Does Weather In South Florida

Woke up to a pretty sunrise, birds chirping and a weather radio promising possible strong storms on Thursday from a strong front moving down across the peninsular! Winds today will start off breezy and become 20 mph later in the day. Tomorrow .. things could get out right gusty before they shift to the North on Friday after the frontal passage.

Gosh I love weather. I turned on my handy dandy tv and put it on Channel 7 as they are nice enough to do local news and weather in the morning and watched my fast talking, fast moving local weather girl Julie Durda do the weather.

You know she's good.. or good enough. She gives the info, she talks clearly and fast and gets a lot of info into her reports and she looks good too! Nothing wrong in my book with looking good. Listen... the weather report in the Miami area is some of the most important news on TV. We are prone to fast moving fronts, strong thunderstorms and water spouts; Julie Durda gets everyone's attention whether they are watching the great Channel 7 graphics or watching to see what she is wearing so well. It helps, I decided to go with the black silky dress this weekend. I guess busty girls can get away with wearing empire dresses... :)

You have TWC where certain on air women look as if they have had numerous face lifts and obviously have no life as they are on air all weekend, nonstop for years and years. I believe in aging well. But, there is something eerie about the way some of those women's eyes are beginning to tilt upwards... Listen, it's not easy to age and stay on air though many do especially in Miami where we watch people retired often after long careers on air but it is harder in the world of weather. An old boyfriend told me once he liked to watch Cheryl Lempke do the weather. I asked, annoyed... "Why?" and he said, he "loves the way her hands move across the maps" There are no words but hey at least he was watching weather.. sort of..

Sadly, Cheryl is one of the ones let go along with Dave Schwartz. Some are very sad. I always get the feeling there is an A team at TWC and a B team, some are sleeping with someone or related because they go on and on forever and others come and go at random.

I'd rather watch local weather especially in the Miami area where we have good guys and gals doing the weather!

As for Julie.. hope she continues to do her thing in the Miami area for a long time. At first I wrote her off as another ...what do the guys call them "weather girl bimbos" as she stood there in high heel boots and short skirts but I gave her a chance, she knows her stuff. She is smart and very Miami looking if you ask me.

Hey.. its Miami.. not Minnesota and not Milwaukee, she looks like most the women walking around Lincoln Road or Flagler Street during lunchtime. And, that's good.

So.... wild weather in the panhandle today moving into our area of Thursday. Get out those cameras and chase machines and try and catch some wild weather.

As for me.. I am going to work. Not feeling totally better but need to go to work.

Yesterday while sick in bed and glued to the tube I found out that Miami's once infamous Banana Republic title is nothing compared to Chicago and Illinois as they have hit a new low in crooked politics even for Crook County!!

The riots in Greece go on and Jay has not phoned home... waiting to hear what is going on there and imagine he is okay. Jay if you read this... text me you are alive and well in the land of Moussaka.

So... keep at eye out for wild weather this Wednesday as that front will really mix things up and we may get more Twisters out of this system.

Have a good day, enjoy the breeze if you are in the Miami area and if you are in Alabama or the Florida Panhandle..take cover or take pics!

Love and kisses from Miami... Bobbi, staying off air and online ;)

Ps...I'm not a boater or a fisher girl so I don't know what the big deal about the west wall of the Gulfstream is but maybe I'll take a break and research it one day.. if I can find the time to take a break.. I will schedule it in after the War of 1812, pomegranate smoothies and finding the perfect purse seeing as the Hurricane Season is over and I suddenly have time to have a normal life again...

And....from the Great Bee ;)


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Julie was a model and a cheerleader too and she does looks great in a bikini google her


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