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Friday, October 31, 2008

Signs of Possible Development in SW Carib

There are a few models that something may develop in the SW Carib in a few days and lift our way. The ones not predicting development are showing a moisture flow.

Hard to say.. but it would be the right place and the right time of year.

We'll see..

As for Miami today... nice, cool.. temps in the low 70s but moisture in the atmosphere, clouds.. gray... nice.

As for my house... the various members of the family are split in the political arenas but united in their passion for politics, news and wanting to make a different.

McCain has the right side of the driveway and Obama the left ;)

Most everyone has already voted early and thought it was interesting to mention that at work several people voted by absentee.. just easier.

Anyone that has an absentee ballot filled out can take it to their local polling place and move past the line and go inside, hand it to someone who marks it and put it in the box yourself! Depends on where you vote but at The City of Miami Beach City Hall you can let the guard know you have an absentee ballot and he escorts you up into the elevator and to the people upstairs and you bypass a long wait.. IF you have a filled out absentee ballot already.

Also.. when they send you UPstairs in the elevator.. know that depending on the order you are going INTO the elevator you end up in a different place in line. One lady who waited online for a long time got to the front of the line.. the guard told her to go in the elevator, she was first in.. and when the elevator opened and she came out she ended up at the back of the line upstairs.. not a perfect system.

The water is at the end of the line.. go figure, free bottles of water for your effort!

Got to go.. Shabbos is about to start here and it's party hardy time at the Meyer house. Kids have friends over for Shabbos and there is a Bnai Akiva Shabbotone going on as well.

Watch the SW Carib... give it a few days, we'll see.. would love to see a Paloma this year ;)

Good Shabbos.. Bobbi


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