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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike on 9/11 Filling Up the Gulf & Headed to Texas

Ike always has been an always was a Texas Storm. Larger than life with a cowboy attitude, tough and resourceful and able to last for days out on the open range.

If you took Ike way back when he formed and drew a line from his original spot and towards his original movement he would have come in as a Texas storm. Something I do sometimes to old storms that loop or make odd ADD sort of trips of track and I plot their end game into the end zone and I so often find that when you take the loops and the treks SW or NE out of their track they end up where they would have gone without the detours. Odd but true. It's as if the overall steering pattern is set in place from Day one and despite detours along the way they end up back where they would have gone originally. Try it for instance with Betsy who was the Queen of detours.

Odd but true. Doesn't always work that way but happens more than not which I find fascinating in the way that I noticed yellow butterflies before Miami has tropical storm conditions. And, why the beating of a butterflies heart in Barbados affects the beating of my heart in Miami I can't explain but only a Quantum Philosopher could in his very scientifically messy way. Science can be right brain not just left brain and the best scientists are those who use both parts of their very beautiful brains.

So... as for Ike... back to Ike.

He's a cowboy who is going to die out somewhere out over the open range while his remains will be carried off by the Jet Stream.

His eye has ALWAYS been funny. Somewhere here I have a picture of Ike up in the Atlantic when he pulled together but had not yet headed SW like his predecessors and his eye was in a weird place. Ike also reminds me of Hanna who at times looked more like she was subtropical or some monster upper level low with an eye inside and a few bands with color. It's been a funny year for storms structurally and movement wise and more than a few have taken too fast gulps of dry air and yet they kept on going.

If you live in the Texas Coastline area you have to watch Ike carefully and if you live along the center of her track you must prepare for a big, mean hit. BUT..if you live in any coastal city anywhere along the Gulf you are going to feel Ike in the way I felt Ike yesterday and the day before that and the day before that and it is STILL windy outside and gray. Your beaches will have erosion and you will have localized flooding far away from Ike's small intense core.

Ike is extremely large and moving slowly and he can evolve in different subtle ways that won't have subtle actions over the next few days so stay tuned.

The best thing about Ike his small inner core.

This sentence from the Discussion at 5AM was the most salient. "However it continues to have a small inner core
with an eye just under 10 N mi in diameter. There has been a
double wind maximum...although hurricane hunter observations
suggest that the outer wind band is beginning to contract. "

But know that is how Ike looks today and he might have a bigger eye at landfall.

He has a small inner center and a larger ring around his eye, that both spin and both have hurricane force winds. And, the bigger one is very round and the smaller one is mishaped and it sort of spins off center a bit like one of those outer planets whose orbits are not perfectly circular and sometimes the inner eye comes in contact with the outer causing friction, then spins away. Much in weather is like the heavens in the way that hurricanes look like galaxies.

Good article on the concept for reading for a rainy day, post mark it!

So... here is a site for people to check often for local information for their area or the area of a loved one living in Texas.

You can click on points like this at Palacios Municipal Airport for local data.
Use the buttons on the right.

Keep checking with Skeetobite for exact pin point of updated track from the NHC.

And, keep your eyes tuned on that area to the east of Florida and north of PR as something wicked from there my cometh this way after Ike goes on his way.

Have a great day, safe day.. if you have Ike coming you way you got to do what you got to do as my father would say... prepare for the worst, hope for the best!

Besos Bobbi


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