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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike Moving Faster Towards Houston/Galveston Bay and Border of Tx/La

Where will it go?

I think it's very important to remember that if this storm jogs north at all, even once or twice between here and there he could come in closer to the Tx/La border and that area is filled with low lying, bayou towns.

Beautiful site of pics from that area.. must see:

Everyone loves a lighthouse shot ;)

That said he will probably come into the Houston Metro area. He might just park his whole center of hurricane force winds perfectly into Galveston Bay as if he was an 18 wheeler hunkering down for a storm... perhaps he thinks Galveston Bay is a Hurricane Hole and he thinks he is a beautiful sleek yacht and not a lumbering, gigantic swirl of clouds and tropical weather that now takes up the entire Western Gulf of Mexico.

And, if you look carefully at him you will see he is leaning towards land at a wnw or partially nw angle and often when storms are about to hit land they lean in the direction they will move.

Some info on the Port of Houston. Real info not media hype. Read for yourself the updates.


DATE: September 11, 2008, 1:00 p.m. (CST)

The Port of Houston Authority will be closed for business Friday, September 12, but expects to be open for business and fully operational on Monday, September 15, at 7a.m. and employees are expected to report to work at their regularly scheduled time.

We will continue to disseminate information as conditions change. All PHA Employees should check the PHA Crisis Hotline at 713-670-2870 and the PHA Web site- or after 7p.m. Sunday, September 14 for an updated message regarding the status of business operations for the Port of Houston Authority."

Can lightning strike twice and can a second storm in one season plow into the same part of the Coastline?

Let me reintroduce you to Edouard who came ashore in the same area that sits inside the NHC Cone Zone for Ike.

Link is above but here is the picture. Fact can be so much stranger than fiction can't it?

Now, look at this picture... notice how rain is falling in NW Florida and how much of Ike is to his north in the famous NE Quadrant and understand that all that weather is going to scrape across the whole bottom length of Louisiana EVEN IF he doesn't veer north at all from his NHC track. See, this is the problem with just looking at a graphic online as you don't see where the weather is in the storm. Check out and put on the various layers and you can see where is messy weather is even if it is far from his small, oddly placed center that is not perfectly lined up in the center of Ike.

If you look at this picture realize Ike's eye is in the NW corner of the storm. Cut him up into quarters. Look how much weather he is dragging far away from his center.

He can ramp up and be a Cat 3.. he isn't now but he could be so keep that in mind. But, he is not a Cat 4 nor a Cat 5.

Note the map grid from the NRL site. A good map. It has Ike coming in just to the west of Galveston/Houston. It also shows the track bending a bit to the west and no bobbles to the north. I don't find that consistent with the NHC who has the storm possibly pulling to the north at landfall and moving inland. Can't have it both ways. Someone has to be right or wrong on what Ike will be doing AT landfall.

So...time will tell.

Stay tuned, check out the NHC often it's the best place online to get the facts.

Notice the big yellow circle in the Atlantic north of PR and east of Florida for possible future development. Models have been very good this year with predicting development.

If you want good overall coverage go to and on their main page there is a plethora of information, links and loops. Great message board. As always and for the hardcore tracker ;) Storm2k is also a site filled with weather lovers who love to talk weather.

Galveston Blogs:

Houston Blog:

If you MUST want info on the 1900 storm go to the best book written on the subject:
If you are a history lover or weather lover BUY THIS BOOK! (Freeport,Texas..a town to watch)

I could link forever but it's been one of those days when almost every Leo in my family had some sort of emergency. And, there are a lot of Leos. My ex-husband who started the Leo trend was in the hospital with a heart issue and we are good friends these days and it pains me to see him in pain. Frustrating when you are far away from someone who needs a friend. Then someone further away from me in Ottawa, my Leo oldest daughter went to the ER for horrible pains that might be kidney stones or might not be but they kept her overnight and she's in pain even through the morphine and she's a real Leo... very dramatic, loving, warm ..did I say dramatic though the last time we spoke she sounded like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and very spacey, imagine the meds have kicked in. She's in Canada for friggin' sake and I can't go check on her easily. She's a Lubavitch Shaliach who works there with her husband teaching in a Chabad school. She's my oldest daughter and somehow still my baby. However, my baby who must have Leo progressed somewhere in her chart had to go to the chiropractor as her back was KILLING her... so we took Miss Rivky to the chiropractor who worked on me for a 2 for 1 special.

Motherhood... it's not for the faint of heart...

And, so little Super Mommy here is going to go off, watch Ike spin on TWC and give thanks that everyone else I love is okay today. I do have a few very close friends who live in Houston and who I am worried on so I will pray for them and for everyone else from Freeport Texas to Cameron, Louisiana watch out for the strong effects of Ike to rip at your life and try to destroy the illusion of control you have on it. It's all an illusion, don't cha know?

Prayers to anyone reading this in Ike's path and now I am going off. Thank you for reading this blog. Glad I have it. I am sure it's therapeutic beyond words for me to write it.

Stay safe... don't panic but don't underestimate him either!

Watch him spin on the great blue loop:

bigger view:

Night... Bobbi
Ps...if you live in Texas think on voting for my good friend Jeff!

Not because he is a libertarian but because I don't know anyone who loves Texas more ;)


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