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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fay S L O W L Y Crosses Florida

Short post. Very tired. Tired of Fay. Looking south east towards 94 and 95.

My daughters in Orlando tonight. She drove there with her boyfriend. Well, they had tickets, you know... She thought the storm "went away" ... No words. Really, like my kids would ask me first what the weather is? The good news is.. they don't kite surf!

They are fine, I am sure. I wish I was there. Kids... end of summer road trips. What can I say?

School starts for my younger kids tomorrow but they are at their cousin's celebrating his 13th birthday which we will celebrate in a Category Two storm on Labor Day Weekend! You heard it here first! Yes sir.. we will eat granola bars, salami, little grape juice in boxes and lots of good wine, challah rolls and probably use a gazillion AA batteries while holed up with hurricane shutters, roof tiles flying and electricity going out. We will gather around and let him sing his Bar Mitzvah portion and toast him with Powerade and pray the power stays on. It should be fun. A new hurricane memory for the family..


Some links from various places with info if you have loved ones in the affected area which is HALF the state of Florida or more if you count that wild red band that came through here a few hours ago.

Fay Fay Go Away.. Don't Come Back Yet Another Day............

Some info for people around the country that might be wondering about their kids in school in Florida: (closed) (great site, filled with radars/sats)

Some blogs to read from the Orlando Area: (cute)

If you see two water logged kids there tonight...they are mine...


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