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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fay Fades Away! Fins Win Big Time! Bobbi Rambles....

This is one of those Ramblin' Posts so if you are only looking for tropical info stop at the Besos and don't keep going. Some thoughts on the Tropics today and life in general, past, present and possibly the future. Sort of like taking a walk through Bobbi's brain. Read between the lines if you can or want to otherwise stop at the Besos. If you want to get lost online surfing... click on the links and enjoy your Sunday!

Fay fades slowly away as she transforms back into what she was all along, a lot of tropical rain and that rain is falling all across the Deep South in places that really need it desperately. Some areas however are getting more rain than others but you can't order Rain the way you can a pizza. Will it rain on Atlanta and it's northern suburbs and that lake they are always showing on TWC or will it keep raining on the St. Marks River which is flooding and hopefully will crest later today.

Record Crest at St. Marks River 12.24!

Shame we can't get that rain on Lake Lanier but maybe some of Fay's rains will find their way to your lake, your street and the land in which you live in subtle smaller amounts that what parts of the Panhandle are getting.

That's the problem with the Tropics, you don't always get what you bargained for and in Florida's case we got rain everywhere across the State. I heard it said there wasn't a county that didn't get measurable rain from Fay. Probably true. If she had pulled together with a REAL eye and had become a cat 3 only the small swath of land and a few cities far way in a distant band would have gotten rain. But Fay stayed a Tropical Storm and a big one at that and therefore she spread her rain around hopefully encouraging lots of things to grow and get a boost to Lake Okeechobee. Sorry about that Pt. St. Lucie and Melbourne, sort of like collateral damage when we try and hit a military base of terrorists and take out a few apartment buildings with civilians. Bummer but hey when you live in the Tropics you are fair game for any tropical system doing it's dance of transferring energy from the equator to the higher latitudes and bringing needed rains to parched lands and lakes with enough water.

But hey... we dry out down here and we don't get blizzards, volcanoes or F5 Tornadoes. We also don't get earthquakes but if the team who brought you the new report on New York City being susceptible suddenly to possibly strong
earthquakes they can probably rouse up a possible low level 3s or 4s. Hey, Cuba has had earthquakes, strong ones and it is not that far away from Florida so I am sure sometime in Earth's history we have had earthquakes too!

Some facts you never knew about Caribbean Tsunamis and Earthquakes:

So... just know everywhere you go you can face some problem and as they go I'll take a Tropical Storm with a penchant for hitting land like Fay had over a Tsunami or a F5 any day!

Loop of the Day:

Before I talk about 94 look at that long leash 95 in the middle of the ocean has down to the newest African Wave. With the high building in I don't think you can count 95 out, it's not impossible for it to be a player in weird ways.

Problem with 94 is that it's too windy and wild in Fay's wake for him to get his act together just yet. There is a lot of color with this wave which still looks like a wave axis or a disorganized area of rain and low pressure moving in tandem West. Looks like a wave... but like it has a bodyguard moving ahead of it sniffing out the area, checking it out and reporting back to the main player. Ever see a big wig with a body guard? It's cute, they always walk in together and then the Big Cheese stands still, talks a bit while the body guard sniffs out the area in all four directions until he comes back, there is this little eye connection thing complete with shrugs and facial expressions and the body guard stands there looking useless and bored and waits until the Big Cheese sort of dismisses him with some odd comment and the body guard makes for the door fast like. And, suddenly there you are... face to face with the Big Cheese himself staring back at you.

Hello Gustav! Or whatever the name of the year is..

Yes, that is the evolution of a Tropical Mess evolving in front of you!

Happens... politicians, producers and parasites.

Yes maam, time to board up the house, put the shutters up and start ordering sushi!

For now we are watching Fay fade away but as each wave moves off of Africa

If you aren't interested in African Waves or Fay here are some links you can peruse and enjoy to keep you busy and preoccupied online.

Have a lot going on today and not that much in the deep tropics so I'll be in and out and all around.

Dolphins Won yesterday big time. Was one of the best Dolphin games I've seen since the 80s, do NOT tell me that it was "just a pre-season game" because I'll take any win I can get right now!

Going shopping today and not coming back without something to wear to my nephew's Bar Mitzvah. I am not a shopping person, not your typical girl. My idea of a shopping trip is Victoria Secrets and any really good shoe store. Somehow I think that isn't gonna cut it this time around.

Besos Bobbi
big PS... links, loops and loopy thoughts...

24-0! Shut Out!!

Fertilizer Costs Threaten Coffee Costs??!! Oh Joe, say it ain't so... (hmmmmnnn)

NYC Killer Quake Possible:,2933,408822,00.html

Don't laugh that off as that volcano in South America blew for the first time in 9,000 years!!!?? Who knows what faults are lying around ready to shake, rattle and roll..

Some say the Quake was part of the larger Tecumseh's Curse... never piss off an Indian Chief!
"He also went on to state that the waiting period for all tribes would be over when the earth moved and made a great sound. This, as it happened, was the New Madrid earthquake -- a place where no seismic activity had ever been recorded before. True to his predictions, a shooting star graced the sky on November 16, 1811 and the New Madrid quake began on December 16, 1811 with severe aftershocks lasting for
several months." (personally, I believe Indians can make the earth move for what it's worth... )

Other's just blame it on Jupiter and Saturn:
(maybe the Indian Cheif knew about that one like Columbus knew about that eclipse... hmmmmnnn),_reagan,_and_astrology.htm

Who knows really... but I doubt any astrologer helped Obama pick Biden.. and we have yet to see who McCain will pick..they pick the person most like them..

But with the convention beginning to start up where the Olympics ended so you don't get bored and still have something to watch on the good old TV..

Need the Drudge Report back on Sunday nights..

Meet the Press is still there...

Speaking of politics.. If you live down here in this part of Florida.. Vote for Joe!

One thing I learned in life from Joe personally, way back at Coral Park is "nothing is impossible! Improbable maybe but never impossible!" Joe was and is one of the smartest, most compassionate and compelling men I have ever known. And, smart enough
to make sure I saw the Undefeated Miami Dolphins play in the Orange Bowl in the season to remember.

Speaking of blasts from the pasts... enjoy ... was one hell of a Formal!
5th Dimension always put on one hell of a show :)

Go Rams!


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