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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How is this not Tropical? And..where did they get that name from??

Excuse me?

Look at it on visible, looking real tropical to me..

loop it.. check it out for yourself..


Olga is a Tropical Name.. ummmmnnnnn

So... I got to thinking... supposedly these new lists were made up from names common to the tropics......

Okay.. so we think of Olga like this.. pretty girl, found on the web.. very Olga..

No... can't be...
I looked some more.....

No..that would be a June Storm..

I put in cute spanish words, Carib stuff... Tropics..

getting closer..

Maybe... a few singers..

Olga Picasso????????

Fess up guys.. it just isn't a Tropical Name...

Russian maybe.. This is what you get for playing with Mother Nature and pretending Olga is a good old Jamaican Name.. you get

Olga in December while Ice Storms ravage the Country..

What is in a name afterall?

The girl's name Olga \o-lga, ol-ga\ is pronounced OL-gah. It is of Old Norse and Scandinavian origin, and its meaning is "blessed, holy; successful". The Russian form of Helga. Popular in the Russian imperial family. The Russian Saint Olga was a princess from Kiev and a 10th-century Christian convert. Gymnast Olga Korbut.

Olga has 5 variant forms: Elga


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