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Friday, October 26, 2007

October Storm Brewing While Red Sox Win 2nd Game of World Series

Okay, while I was laying awake with my stomach churning, sucking on a chocolate tootsie roll pop trying to make time pass faster so that we would really win the second game of the World Series... people in hurricane land were beginning to go GA GA over the next possible storm that is now only an invest... a dream, a possibility, a tropical disturbance... but alas.. Hurricane People are HUNGRY.. they will take whatever they can get .. is a pic of the possible storm...

Here is the possible track of the possible storm.. October Storm, never a clear cut track (like an attempt to carve a jack o lantern

Great game last night, one of the all time best World Series games I would think. My father loved tense games.. this was tense, close and a nail biter or lollipop sucker :)

So... wearing the colors.. going to work, simple Shabbos as a few of my kids are on a Shabbatone and the ones left home are eating simply.. or whatever we like the best. Guacamole, Babaganosh and Chummus... Salmon or Fake Crab.. we'll see.

Actually, going to my brother Ronnie's house... he sent me this email this morning with a link to some hurricane site online, so imagine we will be talking Tropics round the Shabbos table:

Oh Yeah Baby!!!!!

Bring it on!!!!

lol besos... Go Sox!
My favorite pitcher to watch... just after winning the Game.. as the most incredible closer around ;)



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