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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Night With Drudge.. One Last Time and Bobbi's Tropical Update

First off ... weather wise... it is raining in Miami... it is windy in Miami, tropically so but not very wild and not sure anything is really forming in the Bahamas except for a mass of wind and rain that may be called a Hybrid or a subtropical or a wanna be Tropical Storm. As always in the tropics you just sort of watch, wait and feel the rain on your face and smile.

Yes, I know sounds like we are a bit nuts down here in Miami but then... no snow, no dust storms, no twisters to speak of and no earthquakes. Trust me... the feel of rain on your face or wind rushing at you wildy while you stand outside in the velvety night watching the lights far off on Collins Avenue twinkling like a backdrop made for a movie set being filmed far away in Hollywood or Canada on or on location in Hawaii somewhere... They don't look real. Sometimes my friend Miami is too beautiful to describe, as palm fronds dance in the tropical night and squalls blow by and disappear in the warm darkness which caresses you as you spend a moment outside at midnight giving thanks for living here in Miami... and no volcanoes blowing their top into the northwestern night.. i love Miami...

But..tonight I'm listening to Matt Drudge give what seems to be his last scheduled broadcast (giggling... boy can that man qualify his statements) on KFI online, a link to the past in far off Los Angeles a city that I lived in, loved and never could figure out how to spell it's name properly. LA.. The City of Angels!

Yeah, I lived there in the 80s... great place, from Signal Hill to Rolling Hills to the top of La Cieniga down to the Odyssey disco on Beverly or somewhere like that.. I loved LA. My ex-husband and I used to go out for long rides at night while listening to Randy Newman sing I love LA lol and I did... we did. Worked at this job on the edge of a studio, watched the Space Shuttle re-enter with a bang and a boom overhead while the studio truck came and delivered my coffee and morning snack. Worked on Wilshire Boulevard.. how many people can really say that and used to share a tofutti on Sunday afternoons with my best friend at the Rodeo Collection when we needed to get away and talk, good old Tofutti.

Funny how many places Drudge and I have lived .. must be some strange cosmic astrological connection in our strange charts but well...

I'm reflecting tonight a bit on oddly same things he is while I am talking, yes up Santa Monica.. Sherman Oaks, driving the Ventura Freeway in my mind and remembering watching the hills in Hollywood go up in flames one night as we drove back from the Valley into Hollywood late at night... the fire on the mountainside to our right so warm you could feel it before going through the canyon.. back into the city. Yeah, LA in the 80s was great and then............I ended up back home in Miami but I still Love LA.

Like Dorothy landing back in Kansas except well Miami isn't exactly Kansas anymore than Smallville is filmed in America lol.

I'm digressing.. I'm lost tonight in memories and thoughts.

I can't believe Drudge is going off his regular routine and yet I believe it, he needs to.. we all have needs and right now Drudge needs to attend to his life and his needs, his priorities... not ours. I'm sure once the election heats up he will be back.

I remember the first time one of my Steves sent me a link ... Steve is a lot like Drudge. They have the same "hmmnnnnn" lol and well, anyways and then there is the other Steve or Stephen or Steffan lol who has the great music which fills my closet, my drawers and every place I hide them with CDs filled with great music and more versions of Windmills of My Mind and Fields of Gold that I can imagine anyone has... and summer in the City and Wichita Lineman, smiling... oh lord it's not easy being Bobbi and I am sure it's not easy being Drudge either.

So.............where was I?

Bahama Blob... B O R I N G. For now anyway but I am grateful to the nice system that is sending me a windy night. Funny, my ex-husband always hated the wind and I always loved it. Not grounds for divorce but figures but then I understand why he didn't like wind. Not important here but I'm like the perpetual little puppy, probably some cute annoying cocker spaniel sitting in the car with my face into the wind and my wavy ears flapping about and I look happier than a pig in shit. Pig in shit.. rolling eyes, stupid phrases.

Bahama Blob.. b o r i n g.

Karen... wow, is she something else.. still going somehow. I don't know how but I find it hard to figure out how there is not some center there somewhere...
(nice isn't it? find me the center and I will find you the head of Alfredo .ol.. oh lord I am lost tonight.

I have spent more Sundays of my life the last several years listening to Drudge. I have given up football games, given up other events to sit, go through bills, go through my writing and organize my life for the week while listening to Drudge.
And the music... even when he annoys me or briefly bores me... I love the music.

Drudge is an original, like Holly Golightly, he is an original fake and that makes him more real than most people out there in the world.

As a librarian I have used his father's site more times than I have watched the fog roll in when I lived in Long Beach, that's a lot of times. Do you know how beautiful a full blooming jacaranda tree looks against a pale white gray foggy morning filled with late night clouds and early morning low clouds? Do you know how beautiful the Pacific looks from the top of PCH or up around the curve on Palos Verdes? Do you know how the Valley sparkles in the summer night when parked up on Mullholland? Bet you don't.. I do. I feel sort of blessed in ways. Then again I never walked the beach with someone at Redondo Beach and watched the sunset so there are still somethings to do left I suppose even if I will probably never get to do them. Deep sigh. "Don't look back Bobbi, don't look back" But how can you look back at something you never did?

So... anyways... I'm watching the remnants of Karen. I'll watch the SW Carib because if anything is really going to develop it will probably be there and ride some frontal boundary up into our world in Miami and South Florida.

What is Drudge talking about? Yemen and volcanoes? I'm hearing him wrong lol.

So................not going to bore you how many episodes of General Hospital I watched this morning with my daughter Dina on Youtube but now she knows why Scotty has always hated Luke and I realized how much I loved watching it for years.. and One Life to Live. God bless Youtube lol and google.

So................. enjoy the wind if you live in South Florida and be glad you don't have to worry about foggy nights and volcanoes in Yemen (???)

Know that as amazing as your life has been (all of you) there are hopefully amazingly beautiful things left to see and do. Maybe the love of your life is around the corner or the chance for you and the love of your life to sail off on a yacht to Greece or Katmandu.

When I was a little girl with my cousin we used to read the "for sale" ads for yachts in the Miami News or Miami Herald. I wanted a yacht. I didn't want a car, I didn't want a plane, I didn't want a bike.. I wanted a yacht. I still do. Yet, I have never sailed to speak of and am not the world's greatest swimmer. I'd like one of those cute little blue houseboats that are anchored in the Garrison Bight in Key West. I want to walk hand in hand in Santa Monica... or stay in some cute little bed and breakfast in St. Augustine or maybe some neat place near Savannah. I want to watch a nor'easter from Nags Head. I want to see if Martha's Vineyard is really as nice as Key West and... I want to stand with my crazy friend and watch a big jet zoom overhead or watch them bitch that they have to "go find a bathroom" lol rofl.

Oh lord.. oh lord..

And, KFI is talking about Torrance Blvd...and I do remember the patch of land where the people would farm their fruit or veggies and the mall where the merry go round went round and round and the horses they went up and down while I stood feeling funny watching the children go round and round and feeling like there were way too many people watching.

The past is past... the future is around the corner, I'll have to find something else to do on Sunday nights and I'll miss Drudge's giggle, his sense of humor, his love of the news and his "hmmnnnnns" while he wonders on the wonders of the weirdness of news in the world.

From Santa Monica Boulevard from one end of the world to the other... we will all miss Drudge on Sunday nights, but part of life is about watching people go .. people come, people we love who change, grow old, grow ill, move on... in an ever changing kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, shapes, scents and songs that echo through the windmills of our minds.

Me? I'll be just fine, but I will miss Drudge.. on Sunday Nights.

No.. I won't call in ... I've sent my thoughts, I've said whatever I am going to say and ... I only call Jim when he makes his broadcasts and when in the mood, we all have our priorities. Sometimes I enjoy just listening and right now tonight I am enjoying listening to Drudge.. on KFI online.

Watch that blob, keep an eye on Karen... two months left of the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season and thank you for indulging me in this long, rambling post on my blog.

Thanks for the memories, thanks for the music.


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