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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Karen... Lonely View, Far Away from Florida Home Brew?

Dissecting the 11AM and wondering if we know for sure where the center of Karen is out there.. far away.... so far out of view.

Wondering if the planes are going to go in and find the exact center or if we have a good handle on it.

Seems more west to me than wnw but well.. hard to say.. really would like some hard good data because it is what the models are driven with.. good gas. Garbage in...garbage out.

In such a fluid situation where the wave to its west is firing up and possible development in a few days around the Florida/Bahama Trough axis... I'm wondering.

Look at that graphic view for you... 4 areas to watch.
With such a fluid situation can anyone say for sure that Karen with swim with the fishes in the Sargasso Sea?

Far from a sure thing... and as always in the tropics everything is fluid and constantly changing.

Enjoy the loop:

Enjoy the song and keep watching:


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