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Monday, August 14, 2006

Tropics, Monday August 14th, 2006 (Not a lot)

Not a lot going on in the tropics today. A few wannabe systems are out there but I would barely call them systems.

The big story is that there is no story.

There's a clip of video that explains it all that was posted by the Spin Doctor on HurricaneCity from online news of Chris Landsea explaining something about air moving the wrong way and a possibly kinder year.

Jim Williams does a good update on the front page that shows the tropics very well and explains the waves.

And... lastly.. the hurricane center keeps talking about the wave down in the Carib and I know there are planes that can go take a look at it in parked in the Virgin Islands but... not a lot going on there so I hope they are enjoying R and R.

The wave in the Carib is moving too fast to get something going. You got to slow down and look around if you really want to get action.

The system off the coast of the Carolinas has moved south and is now off the Florida coast and as it is a system off the tail end of a front it bears watching even if it is not as "sexy" or exciting as a Caribbean Tropical Event. Jacksonville is less exciting of a byline than Jamaica... oh I want to take ya.

Meanwhile... bought a nice Jimmy Buffett CD at Borders yesterday with songs I haven't heard in a long time and might not have on any of my CDs as they are not "my friend's favorite Buffett tunes" and he is in charge of my Jimmy Buffett Education usually.

Have a nice day.. stay tuned. Things can turn around real fast in the tropics.



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