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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Power Problems.. and why we buy batteries...

quick check in here while I have the power on......

Winds have been stronger this morning than they were yesterday or last night.

I have a weak transformer that doesn't do well in any kind of wind so I have been without power often today. FPL said as soon as the winds die down some .. it should be okay. We are keeping off the AC and the computer so the power surges don't mess anything up. Cable TV has had outtages in the area as well. Only four houses are attached to my electric pole but we are part of the over 7700 people experiencing outtages it seems. All a matter of perspective as my daughter Dina says.. home with kids who are out of school with wierd electrical issues.... (could be worse)

Phones work and the wind is refreshing as we now have the AC off and the windows open. Now if I could keep the electric on the rest of the day.. it would be good.

Oh........and if the heavier rain this afternoon doesn't leak through the blue tarp on the roof.. so far so good but am sure the tarp isn't on that well because of the high winds and so let's all have one big prayer circle here for my tarp .. thank you!

Hey.. I could always move to Maine, Sharon still has a house there :)

Going off, before I get thrown off as we are experiencing some gusty squalls that are stronger now that the storm is further away.

Anything else? Nope... managed to check mail, make dinner and put up some coffee, take some tylenol and if we lose power AGAIN... I'll actually go to sleep.

Only so much you can do .. you can't win all the battles all the time, working on winning the war.
Rivky woke up, looked around and told me that Mexico got a Category 3. How come we couldn't get that. She wants a Cat 3. I just stared.. no words... kids don't care about things like blue tarps or electric as long as they have junk food Mommy bought for the storm and ...batteries.

Always buy batteries.. watching Ernesto leave town ..

Bobbi.. be back later when I know the electric will stay on.
Why do I ALWAYS have backyard electric pole issues?


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