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Monday, August 28, 2006


To show his face, his cords, his rank.. come on Ernesto.. get off of Cuba and let us see what you really got..

People on message boards don't believe the NHC track for 3 days out but they are watching a storm yet unformed named Florence that will make Ernesto look like a dry run..

How do we believe 15 days out based on models but not 3 day?

Does the NHC have this storm in the bag or not?

Is he reforming on the north coast about to hit water or spin or is he stuck over Cuba?

As for me... I said he will end up in the Old Bahama Channel just north of Cuba.. parrallel maybe a bit but ..
if you look at the water vapor loop the storm is about to be lifted north from gently underneath..and have read few
people talk on that. There is a big system sliding down fast now.. it will get the storm.

The only question remains.. where where how what and we actually know the who question

where? track
when? timing
what? intensity
Who? Ernesto.. coming to Miami soon.. and everyone here is hanging out and talking like its a garden party
and why not?

Hell ...we have dealt with warnings and watches nonstop now for 2 years.. over and over.. and over..

So.. yeah we are watching, we are taking off tomorrow.. but until Ernesto gets off of Cuba and shows us what he's got..
we are taking a sort of calm approach.

Unless you are in a gas line .. heard they were getting long out in the burbs..

No flight recon over Cuba so it's everyone's guessing game.. or just believe in the NHC.. and wait for Ernesto to come on in..

later.. Bobbi
amazed at the stupidity and nonsense I have seen all day from so many people who laugh it off or rely on graphics from the NHC as if they are road maps from AAA.. Tropics don't work that way.. hurricanes sometimes run on island time..


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a feeling, think South Florida is in for a surprise. IMHO I think the NHC jumped the gun a bit by downgrading Ernesto to a TS. Think we may very well see rapid intensification. Time will tell...


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