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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jimmy Buffett Morning - Tropical Storm Warning

It's a beautiful, breezy morning in Miami. Winds have been gusting to the high 20s and the barometric pressure is a low 29.69 and falling.

Funny, but it seems windier now than it was last night. And, going to keep this short as I keep losing power which does come back on in a few minutes but it can't be good for the computer and... frankly, I'm relaxing, listening to "The Great Jimmy Buffett" that I picked up at some store recently, made in Holland of all places...and watching the spinning pinwheel system on radar as Ernesto slowly crosses the general Miami area somewhere due west of me with a lower pressure now than he had last night. Go figure that one...

They have kept the winds at 45mph but the pressure did drop as he slid, slowly over the warm water of the River of Grass to my west. Maybe he is stronger but they don't want him to know it.. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, you know? So, Ernie is gonna stay 45mph even though his pressure is dropping and he is making the tall, sawgrass bend in the Seminole Wind of Wednesday morning in Florida.

For now I am home and probably will stay home today as I have my two youngest kids home and a transformer that likes to go snap, crackle and pop every half hour or so. And, if I need I can do work from the house and get to know the library program better as long as my power stays on. If not... oh well... will listen to Kiss Country or the Weather Radio.

Zalmy, the youngest, has that pouty look like he was robbed of a "REAL STORM" that is usually most seen on his face when the Redsox lose to the Yankees.

Rivky, the youngest girl is asleep still, tucked under the covers with her hair not frizzing yet and still beautifully straight. This to a 14 year old with wavy hair is a major concern, loss of power means her AC goes off, her hair frizzes up and I never hear the end of it. She's beautiful and so is her hair. She looks like Pocohontas asleep.

And my 17 year old is at his girlfriend's parent's house making it much quieter here without fraternal fighting between him and Zalmy.

Life in Miami, the morning after the storm although the storm is still nearby and their is a strong wind out there and one massive strong, brightly colored band down near Homestead that is supposed to be rotating around the center of the storm and should pull in here later for a brief stop on its rotational travels.. Time will tell....

And, as for me... I'm listening to Grapefruit, Juice Fruit and soon the Cuban Crime of Passion will come on.

This CD is great. Has a lot of songs that don't have my friend's favorite songs on it, few songs with the harmonica :) playing as much as Barefoot Children in the Rain :) or some of his other favorites. I have so many Jimmy Buffett CDs that I have received as presents from someone who likes to remain anonymous.. except that they all have his signature and they all scream his name... what can I say? Some people belong to Music Clubs and I never signed up that I remember but well... some people remember and know what forever means. So, I actually feel guilty when I BUY a Jimmy Buffett CD or cassette at some old music store. But, I do... because how can you walk past a picture of Jimmy on the cover, with his hair still long, sun-bleached strands windblown across his face and that smile that he used to have, he probably still has... that looks like someone else's smile and well..tugs at my heart so...I bought it for $8.99 and when I listen to "Why Don't We Get Drunk" (and screw" which is the 6th song on this CD I will remember the first time I heard Jimmy sing it at the FLICK back when... forever meant forever, and I suppose it still does..

Because... he is the Great Jimmy Buffett... and my friend had and has great taste in music.

As for me.. Bobbi.. gonna throw some cards (the emperor and two of cups fell out earlier near the Chariot) and :) gonna make some breakfast, maybe start a diet (haha) and watch TWC as long as I have power and work a bit on personal things as well as library stuff and maybe I will take a break and work on working myself back into my novel. Maybe I need to take that trip I forever put off to Oklahoma to really finish it, maybe.. Hot there today, 90s it says on TWC.

And, if I had a working car I would pack the kids in and drive down to Key West, like Jimmy did back in 71 or 72 the day he played at the FLICK in the evening that I watched him .. when he got back from his first trip down there in his friend's crazy car and... Key West is Key West is Key West.. like it was when my great, grandparents lived there and when I live there again one day.

Musing in Miami, with the window open and watching the tall Christmas Palm dance back and forth and clouds fly by fast and ...

We'd go down to the corner drug and this is how we survived..who is gonna steal the peanut butter and who is gonna steal the sardines... Yep, that's Jimmy... Hurricane food... and if he ever got rich he was gonna pay the minimarket back.. and I'm hoping Jimmy did pay that minimart back... and after I finish this I am going to put on my favorite CD called "Songs of Margaritaville" on that was made personally for me... for those days when I can't get on the Overseas Highway and drive home to the home where my heart beats a little faster, my muse is a little happier and I am myself.. Just Bobbi, enjoying the tropical wind and the scent of the frangipangi in a tropical breeze that crossed the straits from Cuba just a few hours earlier..

(thank you, always and forever)
(pps... I didn't write this, the music inside me did and posting it fast before I lose power again... )


At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bobbie I simply need to tell you I adore your writing style. Such a pleasure for me to read! I shall be making my first trip to Margarittaville this weekend and your blog has made my day! Thank You


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