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Monday, August 14, 2006

IN NY On Working Vacation... Tropics Getting Busy

First... an unreal storm blew up today over Miami and on Miami Beach palm fronds went flying and tables set out on Lincoln Road went flying in the breeze. Picked up quick but still.. wow.

A not so gentle reminder this is the Hurricane Season. Though I think it was a Cold Front that made it down.

There are two areas of concern. One close to home off the coast and think they should watch the area closer to the coast than the one further to the east off of Florida. But..we will see.

There is the most beautiful Cape Verde Wave I have see all year and in a few years.
Of course dry conditions out there may inhibit it but the Saharan Dust is not as strong as it has been off Africa. I thought for a while today they might jump tbe gun and name it but think Debby will be a quasi, confused system and personally I have a real affection for the name Ernest so I hope that name goes to a Real Cape Verde Storm.. or at least one that gets into the Caribbean. Just my feelings..

Note the saying below from the NHC at 11 pm. "SHOWERS AND

As for me.. I am going to New York on a working holiday tomorrow and will be training for my new job at the main library there. In the evening I can see my family who lives up there (most my kids have moved up there) and... be in Brooklyn :) Wow, very cool... one of my favorite things. Now all I have to do is pack all my makeup :( and stuff... and fly ... and if that friend of mine from last summer is out there reading know I found 3, count em THREE Kava Kava pills you sent me to take on the plane. Hopefully, I will fall asleep. Pray. I'd rather take the train or the bus and write for hours endlessly watching pines trees in the distance but ... going by an aeroplane and staying in the Big City and being a BIG girl.

I'll be back soon. And, I will be watching the tropics from up north for a few days. Quick trip, trying to get back before Ernesto gets into my world and in my face.

Take care, watch the National Hurricane Center for all updates as well as all the other places I know you all go... especially those of you who know what they are saying before I do ;)

Nite, Bobbi


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