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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In the Big Apple.. A quick hello

Hi there :)

I'm in NY on one of those real fast, quick, up and down, turn around working trips.

Flying back tomorrow so no tropical development until the 11PM Tropical Update.

Nice day today, spent the whole day working in Brooklyn on something for my job and..tomorrow I get to go the New York, New York campus :)

I have a badget that says "FACULTY" :)

Haven't had much time to see family or friends up here but it's been nice to get away and remember what the Heights looks like if only briefly. Really great. Riding through fast this morning after davening in 770 Shachris and the lyrics from Matisyahu ran through my head... burning up in the heights... great song, he got it so right.

Going to bed. Have a big day tomorrow.

No tropical development until tomorrow night at 11 PM.

Some models develop systems near the Cape Verde Islands real soon and we are still looking at blobs in a few places and despite the tropical statement there is no tropical development until tomorrow at 11pm. Howie if you are reading this (giggling) thanks for the job help and thanks for holding back development until 11pm.

Seriously... lastly... thank God I have Jim's shirt up here and it has kept me warm at night. AC in these hotel rooms is cold, cold, cold but the shirt is hot, hot, hot and all tropical :) Thank you, oh stop grinning...

Love Bobbi
chow for now til tomorrow.. Bobbi in the Big Apple


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