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Thursday, August 24, 2006



This is the story regarding Debby and even though there has been some concern the past few days in possible problems in track.. seems a done deal today.

Keep in mind the caveat always "things change" and they can change fast or rather peculiarly in the tropics but pretty much Debby is a Fish but evidence that the Cape Verde Islands CAN produce this year and..........there is an amazing wave still over Africa that you could literally see twisting it's way towards the water. That wave should really be watched. If we are watching waves far away.. there was one over the Indian Ocean that I am sure some trackers are going orgasmic over.. long term trackers anyway.

Things were busy yesterday for me as my children started school and first days are always big, there is always just ONE book they HAVE to have from Barnes and Noble or "they will get an F" so... I trekked over to B&N with Sharon (who moved back to town for a while ...for you long term readers) and then we did lunch at some Israel Burger Joint. Like old times :) And, at my college they started heavy duty construction of new offices for Professors and Adjunct Professors. Amazing to see these guys work, they knocked down walls, put up walls, set doors.. all in one day. Really hard workers. Had a very nice talk with a guy who lives in Homestead who was born in Brownsville, Texas but the talk was all about Andrew. He doesn't remember the storms when he was a baby but he remembers Andrew well... doors popping, glass shattering, worrying over his mother's house which was falling apart nearby as his one story apartment held miraculously together. Dead Center in the Middle of Andrew... can you imagine? I can. So... he watches this year and every year though he doesn't seem worried.. just watches. We all do. Another nice guy who was from Tashkent but we didn't talk tropical... not really hurricane country.

This is Hurricane Country and right now all eyes are on a wave that is about to enter the Caribbean and is slowly coming together just as some people thought it might.

Have to give credit to Jim (Williams) as he has followed this wave for days and now the Hurricane Center is thinking on sending planes in.. keep watching. But, he has been curious on it since all I saw was showers in the ITCZ down in the Atlantic. It wasn't easy to pick out but over at HurricaneCity they have been watching and talking, calling it "Jim's Wave" as he watched that while many of us oogled the newer waves off the Cape Verde Islands. Will see today but it has blown up bright and beautiful on the enhanced IR loop and seems to have a real shape, a pull, a compelling look to it that may keep us busy for the next few days. Some models develop it going on a more WNW to NW towards the Bahamas fast?? where as many take it into storm status in the Carib and you hear all the local ports of call...Jamaica and Isle of Pines.. Isles of Youth.. Isles of waiting for Castro to die and ghosts of all the political prisoners left to rot there way back when in the 60s and 70s and... well.. Isle of Pines to me is always tropically connected...the newer name politically. Some have bets on where this will go but first it needs to develop and get a name and if it does develop........... oddly for me, Jim's storm will be named Ernesto. Just a funny personal haha in my life. The tropics are amusing as always and today we are safe from Tropical Trouble.

Then is one of those Anniversary Days when I go down to Miami Beach and look up at the big, beautiful, proud Royal Palm Trees and remember I thought that I might never see them stand so tall and proud of Lincoln Road, back to the night before Andrew when I thought everything I knew and loved about Miami Beach would be Gone With The Wind... but Andrew hit Homestead where the nice Tex/Mex/Indian guy lived and I was safe on Miami Beach in my old 1926 Roaring Twenties style home that had withstood the 26 storm long ago.

Yep, today in Miami is Andrew Reminder day..and the next few because our world changed in ways that will remind us always... as I stare up at the poster above my computer with Andrew.. one bright red, orange and yellow buzz saw sits feasting dead center over the Miami area.. reminding me always... it CAN happen, it HAS happened and it WILL happen AGAIN...

Amazing poster, amazing storm... Amazing Andrew..

Debby is heading out to sea... watch Jim's wave down in the Atlantic near the Islands as it just may become Ernesto later today or tomorrow..

Happy Thursdays, Happy Tracking, Happy Trails..


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