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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tropical Wave to be watched in the Atlantic, Cape Verde Wave still holding on..

First off.. the wave in the Atlantic is alive despite dry conditions and dire predictions by many. It is very large and that helps it stay together. I'm wondering if the upper low in the northern part of it (that I am not sure is really upper level and not middle level) might just keep the bottom surface low alive and keep dragging it along for the ride. At some point down the road the lower level low to the south may switch seats and drive the car wnw.

We will see but for now.. it is twisting and convecting and I'd keep my eye on it.

It will approach the islands in 2 to 3 days and if it pulls wnw than it will approach the northern leeward islands in 3 to 4 days. And, that would put it where the last two upper level lows have been that trained their way across the Florida peninsular. And, my brother Jay would be here just in time for some tropical trouble.

Easy to be negative. And, the real crew of hurricane trackers and researchers are negative on the Atlantic as despite the busy year of 2005 and 2004 they have been denied their main love for the last 2 years. That being.. Cape Verde Storms.

All hurricane people who say politically correct things in the public eye long for a good Cape Verde wave to track it's way across the ocean. This little wave is a Cape Verde baby.. not officially a Cape Verde Storm because it hasn't formed but it is the stuff that dreams are made of for trackers who haven't had their favorite systems to play with the last two years as the Saharan Dust Monster sucked them dry and wiped them off the maps. They have been stuck with the most lethal of the Caribbean cruisers that made their way up towards the Loopy current of the Gulf and caused so much death and destruction along the waterfront resorts of the Gulf of Mexico.

This wave has a classic signature and started way back from the genetic pool of hurricanes of the past. The hurricanes of the rich and famous so to speak. The real deal. Cape Verde Waves.

Yes, it might fizzle. No, it might not fizzle.

I remember to this day and always, forever and always the look on John Hope's beautiful gone but not forgotten face when they put that blue dot on the map that was so climatologically not favorable. One minute it wasn't there..the next hour.. POOF it was and he had this deer caught in the headlights look. In a land where there had been no dots on The Weather Channel's Tropical Update map..there was suddenly a storm named Bertha.

NO.. I am NOT saying this will turn into Bertha, no way but it could turn into the 2006 B storm of this year. Stranger things have happened and it has stayed together so far.. maybe this B Storm like other's before it is indeed a fighter.

Never turn your back on a fighter wave.. never.

As for me.. I'm going to my group reunion over on Palm Island. Funny how that works as Richard and Morry and I spent so much time there back in 76.. time has been strange lately.. It comes and goes and flitters about.

Herman's kids were here yesterday hanging with Miriam and Mendy. In from Israel.

Leslie will be here in 10minutes screaming "BAHBEEEE Why aren't you dressed!"

Jay is coming in on Tuesday.

So many people coming and going.. Vincento in the library for my goodbye party.

Talking to Shroeder again.

Wierd... some time warp going on here. Nice but well..

Time will tell on the B Storm :)

I'll be back later..
Watch the Wave.

Read about it here:



At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Bobbistorm! I just thought I'd say "hi" since I just read your Sat & Sun posts. For what it's worth, I agree with you. I think this will be my 4th hurricane season lurking around Hurricane City. I plan on posting a little more this year. See you on the message board!


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